Revised Race Schedule

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Following delays due to unseasonable weather in the first stage of the race to Singapore the Race Office has had to adjust the stopover timings and this will have a knock-on effect with Qingdao, San Francisco, Panama and Jamaica, but is expected to be back on the original schedule by New York.

Arrival into One15 Marina in Sentosa Cove, Singapore, is now expected on 14 February. Prizegiving moves to Sunday 16 Feb with departure pushed back a further day than originally anticipated to Wednesday 19 February.

The later departure puts the Qingdao arrival window at 7-9 March, crew changeover has moved by just one day to 10 March as many crew have already made their travel arrangements. Departure has moved to 16 March.

Arrival window into San Francisco is 8-12 April, crew changeover on 15 April, and departure on 19 April.

Panama will depend on timely transition of the canal, but could see arrival into Jamaica slipping by just one day between 17-18 May.