Sir Robin Knox-Johnston reflects on Clipper 2013-14 Race as it enters final stages

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The Clipper 2013-14 Race will be arriving at St Katharine Docks, London tomorrow with an unforgettable homecoming planned for the twelve-strong fleet.

 Thousands are expected to descend on the famous St Katharine Docks to welcome the crew members into London, eleven months after the fleet left the UK capital.

Chairman and founder, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is already looking forward to the special day.

“Well here we are with just one short race in its closing stages before the boats and crews complete their circumnavigation.

“There are still some close placings and we may yet see some change before they cross the finish line off Southend but that is what racing is all about - not giving up until the final finish line is crossed.

“It is fitting that they finish coming up the River Thames where their adventure started. The start last September seems like yesterday, but in the intervening months the crews have crossed all the world’s oceans, suffered the frustrations of the calms, the apprehension of the largest waves to be seen anywhere on the planet, experienced the vagaries of the weather systems, seen ports and scenery that they never expected, met people from vary different cultures, and, perhaps most of all, shared all these adventures with a group of people who were strangers just over a year ago but who will now remain friends for life.      

“Throughout this, their knowledge and experience has grown to the point that they have become good seamen and competitive sailing boat racers, the sort of person anyone is happy to have in their crew.      

“They have widened their horizons and have memories to cherish that can only be won through real hands on participation.

“We wish all the crew from the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race what they would wish for themselves in the future, knowing it will be nearer to the stars than they thought possible a year ago.

“Good luck in whatever direction you take and please remember to keep in touch with us.”