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America will again be well represented during the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race as a strong number of crew members hailing from the United States are set to take on Mother Nature.

A team of Clipper Race representatives including Crew Recruitment Manager David Cusworth recently travelled to San Francisco to continue the tradition of Americans taking part in the world’s longest yacht race.

“There’s been a lot of interest in the race while we’ve been in San Francisco,” explains David.

“The sight of seeing twelve 70-foot ocean racers under the Golden Gate Bridge will be unique to our event so its not surprising interest has been strong. It’s the chance to experience something few will achieve after racing across the Pacific Ocean.”

The Clipper Race, which will visit San Francisco Bay and New York during the next edition of the race, will also see the debut of the twelve new Clipper 70 ocean racers.

Upon reaching San Francisco Bay the Clipper 13-14 Race fleet will have spent close to a month at sea while crossing the world’s biggest expanse of water, the Pacific Ocean.

“I feel a tremendous sense of achievement to be here,” explained Sherlyn Chen, a round the world crew member, upon arriving in San Francisco Bay during the Clipper 11-13 Race.

“It was tough and it’s the hardest leg we have had so far with the biggest weather, with days on days where you didn’t see below 30 knots of wind. But I loved the fast downward sailing – the fastest I’ve ever sailed,” continued Sherlyn.

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