Switzerland claims second podium with third place Race 12 result.

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Recording its best Clipper Race finish since Race 7, Switzerland is rejoicing tonight in its third place Race 12 - Spirit of Jamaica Chase result into Port Antonio's Errol Flynn Marina, Jamaica. The team crossed the Folly Point Lighthouse finish line at 21:32 UTC (16:32 Jamaican time) 

Skipper Vicky Ellis explained: "Last time we won a podium place was in Brisbane where we won the race unexpectedly. The crew couldn’t throw me in the water there because there were crocodiles there but they had their retaliation here tonight when we arrived into Port Antonip. We’re really really chuffed. It is a relief to know we are more than just a one hit wonder.

"The leg 7 crew we had on board were really fired up. They wanted to do very well and we’ve managed to succeed with a podium in Jamaica. It’s a wonderful place to come into in a podium position.

" We left Panama and went straight out into the sea, it was beating upwind into the waves, everybody gets seasick in those conditions and it normally takes a few days to get over that, by which time I thought we’d probably be in Jamaica so I was really surprised that we managed to turn the team into a competitive boat after the first nights racing and it continued like that. That combined with a really good strategy was a winning formula. We didn’t expect it again in a race this short, we thought it wasn’t our forte, but hey you never know.

"It was a tricky decision to go east so early. We headed east for twelve hours, giving us a very low VMG (Velocity Made Good) to the finish line of just 2 or 3 knots, whereas the other boats were going 8 knots. I knew it was the right thing to do and I just had to knuckle down and get through it. It was an obvious choice for me as a sailor and it paid off so I’m really pleased.

"The crew are really looking forward to this mid leg stopover. We did a lot of work on the boat during the Panama Canal transit so the boats in pretty good nick. The crew are really looking forward to exploring the island and having a really relaxing holiday, which they all thoroughly deserve.”

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