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“The media that we collected on board has multiple purposes,” explains James Rogers, the media crew member on board Qingdao during the Clipper 11-12 Race.

“One, to provide the Clipper Race media team with regular content for the website, press and social media channels; two, to keep friends, family and fans up to date with our progress, highlights and other aspects of life on board and three, as a record for us to remember all the wonderful moments that we were enjoying.”

James, a teacher from London, signed up for the Clipper Race as a round the world crew member and was awarded the prize for best video footage throughout the race.

“Not everything we recorded fitted into each category, and some of it did well for all three, but we certainly took the attitude that you can always delete digital footage that you don't want later, but you can never rerecord or recreate a moment after it has happened. I loved looking over footage and clips and then piecing them together into a story we could share that would make people laugh, gasp or weep.

“Since I have been back I have not stopped looking at all the media that we have got. I put together a commemorative coffee table book, which was great fun to make as I got to relive so much of the year, and was thankfully well received by crew, family and fans alike.

“I have spent countless hours sorting through all the media so that it can be distributed to those that want it - and plenty of the crew do - for whatever reason. Many have just wanted them for the memories; but some have been taking them for their new careers as after-dinner speakers; I want to make a special ten-part video series of our boat's year for people to be able to view whenever they like. I know that I want to use some of the media on a school tour with the Mark Evison Foundation, as part of an attempt to inspire children to dream bigger and embrace adventure as a way of developing themselves mentally, physically and socially,” continues James.

“But really it is just the simple pleasure of looking back over the videos, photos and blogs and being reminded of one or two of the thousands of memories that you find hard to believe are real when you have returned to your normal life. Plus it is very amusing to see how large people were at the start of the race compared to the end!

“To anyone thinking of how to record their experience I would tell them that it is a big job, and requires collective thought and dedication (I often had to give up sleep on my off watch), but that it is possibly the most rewarding job too. 

“Thinking about the stories that you might want to tell whilst reacting to what happens on the race will help you collect all the right footage.  Record as much as you can, interview people whenever you can, get others involved, be organised from an early stage and most of all make sure you enjoy it!”

If you are taking part in the Clipper Race and want to find out more about becoming a media crew member, click here.