The Everest of sailing

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More people have climbed to the summit Mount Everest than have circumnavigated the globe by sail, even fewer have raced around the globe as part of the world’s longest ocean race.

Conor O’Byrne, 38, will join the illustrious group when he completes a circumnavigation in the forthcoming Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race. He along with around 120 other adventurous souls will log over 40,000 miles during the eleven-month challenge.

“I heard about the Clipper Race a number of years ago and had been receiving emails of the race updates,” reveals the Dublin-based Police Officer.

“I can't remember how I had heard about the race but I remember reading ‘A Voyage for Madmen’ back in 2008 which really increased my desire to sail around the world.

“The reason for my applying is my belief that it will be the biggest test of character I will ever endure. It is also an ambition of mine for nearly 20 years to sail around the world. It will be the ultimate achievement and adventure of a lifetime,” he continues.

“To say I was delighted when I was accepted onto the race would be an understatement; almost straight away I was planning the trip in my head. 

“I chose to do the whole race because it had to be all or nothing, it’s the prestige of sailing the full circumnavigation.

“I am most nervous about sailing in the Pacific Ocean and maybe hit by a storm or two and am most looking forward to completing the full circumnavigation.

“I was asked to get more involved in the charity and I chose the Irish Underwater Search and Recovery Unit as my father is on the committee and I believe that a family really do not get closure until their loved one is found.

“I worked for the RNLI for nearly five years and meeting families of missing loved ones, they all have one thing on their minds, they just want their loved one returned to them. The IUSRU’s primary aim at present is to try and recover loved ones missing, but with funding and support hope to set up a suicide awareness programme.”

The Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race starts this summer. If you wish to join Conor and take part in the world’s longest yacht race, click here for more information.