Throwback Thursday: Fleet arrives in London

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This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us to the UK’s Capital. 

277 fresh and eager crew members arrived in London ahead of the big Race Start after completing the fleet delivery from the Clipper Race HQ in Gosport. One of those crew members was 26-year-old site engineer Gordon MacDougall from Carlops, Scotland. 

Gordon, the rigger for the Switzerland team, who had no previous sailing experience before signing up for the race, said: “I remember arriving in Gosport for the prep-week and pitching up at the newly-branded Switzerland Clipper 70. 

“The yacht was a hub of activity with both leggers and round the world crew members all working extremely hard to get the boat ready for the sail round to London. The crew were amazing and there was a real sense of teamwork from the off, everybody knew that what we were doing was big and we felt apprehensive.  

“Arriving into London was incredible. Although it was just the delivery I think everybody on board had a moment of realisation that after years of preparation the adventure was about to start. 

“The moment we entered St Katharine Docks was very memorable, we had a very dramatic final approach as we sped across the flow of the river into the narrow opening of the lock. There was a small crowd at the entrance to the Docks waving us in which was our first taste of the interest that the race gathers, and once again made it very exciting.”

 If you are interested in being a crew member for the 2015-16 race, CLICK HERE to find out more.