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Henri Lloyd and Old Pulteney have now completed race 9.1 by crossing the shortened course finish line at the Shanghai waypoint at 12.45 and 14.27 UTC respectively.

This gives Henri Lloyd an elapsed time of 7 days 3 hours 33 minutes and Old Pulteney 7 days 5 hours 20 minutes; this places them in eighth and ninth place out of the boats that have finished to date. The teams will now make best speed to Qingdao by motor sailing and are anticipated to arrive on Thursday 13 March.

This just leaves OneDLL racing that could improve on these times and bump a number of yachts in the leaderboard by finishing in a shorter time.

Jamaica Get All Right and PSP Logistics have retired.

The final verified official results will be announced on Friday 14 March

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ETAs into Qingdao will be updated here