UK Midwife heading for the Southern Ocean

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Susan Hunt, 52, will be among the crew taking on the Southern Ocean during Leg 4 of the Clipper Race. She has just completed her Level 1 Training.

“I decided to apply for the race because it is completely outside my comfort zone,” explains  the Solihull-based midwife.

“I was an absolute non-sailor before I started training, I’m scared of open water; I’m scared of everything that we’re doing on the race, so it is completely different for me. I live in the Midlands so I’m not by the sea or had sailing in my life previously.”

Around forty per cent of the crew that compete in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race have no sailing experience before stepping on board for their comprehensive pre-race training.

“I think that everything has been a massive learning curve, but as a novice I haven’t brought any bad habits, I have come and learnt the Clipper Race way. The highlights so far have been dolphins on a night sail and the people I’ve met; we have had the most fantastic week. We can all bring different things to the table, whatever age you are.”

The ninth edition of the Clipper Race starts this summer and will see twelve crews made up of people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities begin the 40,000-mile race.

If you are interested in competing in the Clipper Race, click here to request more information.