The pigs in blankets have been devoured, the Secret Santa presents shared (and eaten!), and the Christmas quizzes completed, it's back to trimming and grinding for our Roaring Forties Race Crew.

But having spent Christmas Day somewhere off the South of Australia, with crew members old and new, we asked the teams what it was like to be doing something completely different to the norm this festive season. Here's what UNICEF had to say:

Zina: "Super super nice. Surprising, I was surprised how christmassy it felt. Thinking of home."

Hans: "Emotional and adventurous"

Wayne: "I loved it, it’s the complete opposite to your normal Christmas. A boat-full of newfound friends in the middle of the ocean, we had a whale pop up 20m from the boat it’s an awesome experience!"

Fausto: "Confined with a group of strangers on a wavy sea, exhausted but enjoying the Odyssean voyage."

Ed: "Had a fun day in the galley catering Christmas lunch with ham, crackers and Christmas hats while travelling 200 miles towards Tasmania."

Sue: "Travelled over 15,000 miles and still ended up cooking Christmas dinner!"

George: "A special day that I will remember forever, with the chaos and joy of sailing, whale sightings, Christmas dinner, Santa and the best company!"

Ingrid: "For me it was a very emotional time celebrating Christmas at sea, joining UNICEF and coming together as one family. To receive messages from home made it extra special."

Mike: "It was completely different celebrating Christmas against the elements at the 44th parallel."

Charlie: "It was wicked bruv!"

Bernard: "Sharing this moment with wonderful sailors was joyful and triumphant."

Adams: "What have I done!! Left all the comforts of home and completely happy with it!"

Brent: "No family and different weather. Never had to have a passport for Christmas before and never seen a whale on Christmas Day!"

Tanya and Ian: "Christmas at 44°S is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Big waves and birds flying through...keeping an eye out for Santa! It’s wonderful and will be an enduring memory for sure."

Laura: "I’ve spent every day of the past four months with this joyous, precarious, edge-seeking bunch. To be over a quarter of the way around the world with our funky boat family for 2023 Christmas has been pretty special. Turns out Santa does come at 44 degrees south…Bring on the New Year."

Image: From on board PSP Logistics

Images above and below: Clipper Race crew cooked up a Christmas feast on board

Image: Katie Mulholland on Our Isles and Oceans

Image: PSP Logistics feeling festive

Image: Paddy, a holly jolly crew member on Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

Image: Santa made an appearance on Bekezela to hand out pressies

Image: Bekezela crew celebrate

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