A LegenDerry race to the Scoring Gate results in victory for GoToBermuda

07 July 2022

The Race 14: LegenDerry Finale Scoring Gate results are in.

As the temperature drops for the fleet sailing across the North Atlantic in the penultimate race of the global circuit, the hunt for points has heated up in Race 14: LegenDerry Finale.

Bound for Northern Ireland’s Derry~Londonderry, this 3010nm race has so far seen the teams racing fast, making the most of generous downwind conditions and tactical opportunities. During the race, the fleet can take advantage of the point maximising Scoring Gate, as well as the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint (still to come, with the sprint section 280nm along the rhumb line), as well as Stealth Mode (for one 24 hour period) - a tactical move currently being favoured by Zhuhai.

Scoring Gates are virtual gates where the first yacht to pass through secures three valuable bonus points, the second receives two and the third team is awarded one. These points are added to a team’s overall race points.

For this race, the Scoring Gate was positioned approximately 95nm south of the most direct track (rhumb line) and approximately half-way across the North Atlantic Ocean. The gate was 30nm wide from north to south and as usual, gave the opportunity for teams to gain extra bonus points.

Clipper Race Director Mark Light explains: “There was a great battle for the maximum three bonus points as the leaders charged towards it downwind and at a phenomenal pace.

“The first team to reach the scoring gate was GoToBermuda, who crossed at 23:07:32 UTC last night, 06 July 2022, therefore taking the maximum three bonus points. The team was quickly followed by WTC Logistics who gained two bonus points when it crossed in second place at 01:27:00 UTC on 07 July. Crossing the Scoring Gate in third place and claiming the final bonus point was Unicef who blasted across a few hours ago at 05:13:53 UTC.”

Image: Maddie and Mike on board GoToBermuda at Race Start

Image: Rachel at the helm of WTC Logistics

Mark added: “Congratulations to Wavy and Max, Dan and Ineke, Ian and Dan, and their respective teams for scooping up the Scoring Gate bonus points!!”

Reporting from on board GoToBermuda, David ‘Wavy’ Immelman said: “It’s been a good few days on GoToBermuda. Making the Scoring Gate first and leading the fleet through the halfway mark has been a well deserved boost, and a delight to the crew who have worked very hard over the last few days. Many a sail change and some in not great conditions. All done to the now very high standard of seamanship and efficiency I am expecting from the guys and gals. A great place to be as a Skipper.”

We can now confirm the results of the Scoring Gate and the award of bonus points, and can officially reward GoToBermuda, WTC Logistics and Unicef.

GoToBermuda 3 points

WTC Logistics 2 points

Unicef 1 point

Image: View from the helm of Unicef

While sailing conditions have been favourable so far, the North Atlantic can be full of surprises, making for an eventful race, potentially switching up team positions. Keep up to date with the Race Standings on the Race Viewer, and the latest news and stories via the Clipper Race News Hub.

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