Medical evacuation required on Imagine your Korea

02 April 2022

2 April - 0730 UTC

At 0440 UTC, approximately 90nm off the coast of Japanese island Hachijōjima, Nick Whittle was safely transferred from CV20 Imagine your Korea to a Japanese Coastguard vessel.

He will be transported by sea to Hachijōjima, where he will then be transferred to a helicopter which will take him to mainland Japan, between Tokyo and Yokohama. There, he will be transferred to hospital for further medical assessment and treatment.

Nick will be assisted on shore by a representative of the British Embassy in Tokyo and the Clipper Race has updated Nick’s emergency contact.

Imagine your Korea has now resumed racing.

The Clipper Race would like to thank the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) Fareham, the Japanese Coastguard and the UK Embassy in both the UK and Tokyo for their assistance with this medical evacuation.

01 April

Leg 6 Imagine your Korea crew member, Nick Whittle, is suffering from a suspected dislocated shoulder. Nick’s condition is currently stable but needs a medical evacuation for further assessment and treatment.

The team is currently 150nm south southwest of the island of Hachijojima, where we have been advised there is a suitable medical facility, and also approximately 280nm south southwest of Yokohama (Tokyo). We are working on a suitable plan of action with the Japanese Coastguard of either helicopter medevac, ship transfer or diversion to a suitable location. Looking at the current weather forecast, the team is approximately 24 hours from Hachijojima if required to divert.

The Skipper of Imagine your Korea, Rob Graham, has been in regular communication with physicians at PRAXES, the race’s Global Medical Emergency Support Partner and the Clipper Race Office.

The Clipper Race Office is in direct contact with National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) Fareham, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Yokohama and the Japanese Coastguard and plans are being made for a medevac.

Nick’s emergency contact has been informed. We shall provide further updates as we have them.

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