Both Zhuhai and Qingdao announce Ambassadors

19 May 2023

Returning Clipper Race Host Port and Team Partners, Qingdao and Zhuhai, have revealed the Ambassador Crew selected to represent their two Chinese cities as they sail around the world. A total of 23 Chinese Ambassadors have been chosen to fly the flag for these two cities respectively.

The opportunity of being an Ambassador is wide-reaching. Not only will the chosen individuals participate in the race of their lives, crossing the world’s oceans and developing into ocean racers. Ambassadors also have the chance to represent their city and culture as they travel to ports on the Clipper Race route. This has been a great success in the past, with alumni including Guo Chuan and Vicky Song, the first Chinese man and woman to circumnavigate the world.

Image: Qingdao Ambassador candidates on the water

For Qingdao, the upcoming Clipper 2023-24 Race will be their ninth edition, and it will be the second time that Zhuhai has been a Host Port and Team Partner on the Clipper Race. Both will have Ambassador Crew on each of the eight stages of the global race route. And following the four stages of intensive Clipper Race training held in the UK in June and July, one Ambassador on each of these teams will be chosen to sail the full eleven-month, 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation.

Image: Clipper Race Recruitment Director Della Parsons delivering sailing theory in Qingdao

Narrowed down from a large pool of applicants, the shortlisted candidates took part in a tough multi-day selection process in Zhuhai’s International Maritime Culture Centre, and Qingdao’s International Sailing Centre this week. The candidates faced a rigorous selection, being tested on their teamwork and presentation skills and put through their paces on a sailing yacht. It is a highly competitive process, resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the men and women chosen.

Image: Ambassadors are put under the spotlight

Just like Clipper Race crew, the individuals selected have a mix of sailing experience, and hail from diverse backgrounds and professions, from data analysts to journalists and teaching assistants.

The Qingdao Ambassadors selected are:

Bu Xuan, 33, scuba diving Instructor, from Qingdao
Tian Feng, 47, businessman from Qingdao
Ziqi Wang, 20, student from Qingdao
Li Jiaxin, 23, sailor from Qingdao
Dongning Zhou, 35, sailing instructor from Qingdao
Jianlong Shi,33, self-employed from Shaanxi
Shao Xue, 29, freelancer from Heilongjiang
Song Xiaowen, 38, tech company founder from Shangdong
Huang Yuxin, 27, journalist from Beijing
Lu Chen, 33, teaching assistant, from LvShunKou District

The Zhuhai Ambassadors selected are:

Huang Xiaotong , 22, student from Zhuhai
Lina Fu 39, self-employed from Zhuhai
Wenwen Lin, 26, digital media operation specialist from Guangzhou
Zhan Shi 39, digital nomad, from Guangzhou
Chen Hong, 30, sailing club owner from Qingpu
Sixing Tao 18, student from Shanghai
Jingyun Huang, 27, data analyst from Hangzhou
Jiawei Wang , 25, IT engineer from Hangzhou
Xiding Zhao, 26, assistant engineer from Sanxiang
Wang Zhan, 35, technical rescue trainer from Yuhua
WeiQing Liu, 54, project manager from Shanghai
Shi Ke, 44, researcher & teacher from Zhejiang
Qiang Zeng, 30, management consultant from Melrose, USA

Newly selected Zhuhai Ambassador, Zhan Shi, a 39-year-old digital nomad from Guangzhou said: “I am so excited to be selected to represent the city of Zhuhai on the Clipper Race. This is a wonderful opportunity to open up a new chapter for me and I'm sure that I will have a great time with my team. I'm looking forward to the new sailing experience and training, as I have very limited sailing experience before. It's going to be about the learning for me and I'm looking forward to contributing to the team.

"The selection process has been awesome. The Clipper Race staff made it a fun and informative experience and I learned so much about sailing theory and from being on the water. It was a blast!”

Laura Ayres, Managing Director at Clipper Ventures said: “We are proud to once again be able to announce the Qingdao and Zhuhai Ambassadors who will be taking on the world’s oceans in this race edition.  The crew selected not only have the chance to develop into ocean racers, but to represent their respective cities and cultures as they sail to ports around the world.

“The Ambassador Programmes have proved to be an effective way of promoting sailing in China, increase participation and build awareness of the sport. Over the years, the Clipper Race has enabled over a hundred Chinese sailors to develop their skills, with many going on to sail professionally or work in the sailing industry. I look forward to welcoming the Qingdao and Zhuhai Ambassadors to Clipper Ventures HQ for their upcoming training.”

The Ambassador Crew will soon travel to Clipper Ventures HQ in the UK over the coming weeks to commence their four-stage Clipper Race training programme, as every Clipper Race Crew member is required to complete.