Celebrations at Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Prize Giving

15 January 2016

The excellent hospitality shown by Abell Point Marina and its Yacht Club continued this evening at the Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race Prize Giving.

Podium winning teams LMAX Exchange, GREAT Britain and Garmin were officially presented with their prizes at new club HQ ‘Lure’, as crew and supporters enjoyed food, plentiful supplies of rum, and a stunning fireworks display, supplied by local restaurateur Kevin Collins – owner of Fish D’Vine, The Rum Bar and KC’s Grill.

On accepting the winner’s pennant from Whitsundays Mayor Jennifer Whitney, LMAX Exchange Skipper Olivier Cardin, who has now won four of the six races, told the crowd: “It is always a great feeling to be here celebrating with my team on the top of the podium. This win was particularly tough for us so huge congratulations also go to GREAT Britain from our whole team for pushing us right to the very last minute.

“Thank you to all the staff and officials at Abell Point Marina and to everyone who has shown such interest and support everywhere we go in Airlie Beach. We have all felt incredibly welcome here and have will leave with very fond memories of a happy stopover.”

Paul and Martin Strzelecki, joint CEOs of Henri Lloyd said: "Congratulations to LMAX Exchange, GREAT Britain, Garmin and all the crews who competed in the Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race and safe passage for the rest of the Clipper Race."

The Stormhoek Social Spirit Award for this race was no surprise. Following its diversion to a distressed vessel which meant it sacrificed its race performance to provide assistance, the award was presented to Mission Performance, by Abell Point Marina owner Paul Darrouzet.

Congratulating the team, Stormhoek Wines’ Sue Fontannaz says: “When we first decided to honour a Stormhoek Social Spirit award winner at the end of each race, it was to recognise this this race was not always about being the fastest to the finish. We wanted to recognise those teams that stick together in the face of adversity, the ones that value team spirit and encourage others to achieve more.

“Mission Performance gave up its position to help someone in distress, and that is what we at Stormhoek believe is TRUE spirit. The power to change your world, or someone else's. Congratulations to Stormhoek Social Spirit Award winner Mission Performance. We celebrate your selfless reaction.”

As Skipper Greg Miller and his team accepted the award, Race Director Justin Taylor read out the following proud message from Mission Performance founder and former Royal Marine Commando Rob Lewis who told his team: “Mission Performance Warriors, we are proud of your self-less act of seamanship and humanity. When you have clear values and a strong culture decisions like these are easy to make. One of the Commando principles and probably one of the most important is about being SELFLESS.

“You have demonstrated that winning defined by position alone is only one measure of performance - a far deeper and more important one is the quality of character - you are warriors one and all and all at Mission Performance HQ wish you best speed to Da Nang, Vietnam.”

Following the prizes, local band The Fox got the dancing going as the party really got started and crew, including over 60 new joiners, took the chance to let their hair down together ahead of the South East Asia leg.

Race 7 starts Monday 18 January.

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