Clipper 2019-20 Race Penalty Points- update

08 July 2022

The Clipper Race Committee has finalised the penalty points that will be deducted from specific teams following the assessment of damages and repairs needed since the Clipper 2019-20 Race Restart from Subic Bay, Philippines in March.

The Clipper Race fleet has covered approximately 13000nm since restarting in Subic Bay, Philippines and arriving in New York. This has taken just under three and a half months and along the way, the fleet has stopped in Seattle (with Qingdao sailing to San Francisco instead), Panama, Bermuda and New York and the teams have completed Legs 6 and 7 and one out of three races in Leg 8.

It is worth noting that any penalty points applied, and costs accrued previously, up until the end of Leg 4, still stand and have not been changed. However, no penalty points or costs have been applied to the fleet for any of Leg 5 and the first race of Leg 6 (Race 9) into and including Subic Bay before the event was suspended in March 2020.

Says Clipper Race Director, Mark Light: “Given the fact that the fleet has raced across the mighty North Pacific Ocean, faced the long stretch down to Panama, bashed upwind to stunning Bermuda and then had a fast sprint across to New York, the teams have once again done a great job of looking after their sails and equipment on board. I'm pleased to say that this is a trend that is continuing, and the fleet will be rightly congratulated on this.”

The Clipper Race Committee has carefully considered all damage since restart and the penalty points for Sail Repairs and Equipment Damage and Losses have now been finalised and are as below:

Sail Repairs

As per the Sailing Instructions, two penalty points will be awarded to the relevant yacht when the running total of sail repair and replacement costs exceeds £500 and a further two penalty points will be awarded for every subsequent £500 for the duration of the Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race. This applies to all sails and is cumulative.

After examining the level of sail damage and repairs needed at the conclusion of the New York stopover, the Clipper Race Committee has issued penalty points to:

CV21 GoToBermuda 2 penalty points for exceeding the £500 barrier on sail damage (Code 1 and Code 3 repairs in Seattle)

CV22 Seattle 4 penalty points for exceeding the £1500 barrier on sail damage (Code 2 repair in New York)

CV27 Dare To Lead 6 penalty points for exceeding the £1500 barrier on sail damage (Code 3 repair in Seattle and Code 1 repair in New York)

Equipment Damage and Losses

As per the Sailing Instructions, one penalty point will be issued when the running total for equipment damage exceeds £500, with a further one penalty point to be issued for every subsequent £500 on the running total.

Following the New York stopover, penalty points for equipment damage and losses have been issued to:

CV20 Imagine your Korea 1 penalty point for exceeding the £1500 barrier on equipment damage and losses (Primary winch and compass repairs in Seattle)

CV29 Visit Sanya, China 2 penalty points for exceeding the £1000 barrier on equipment damage and losses (Inner forestay / fittings repairs in New York)

A full explanation of penalty points can be found in our Sailing Instructions and FAQ section (under 'The Race', subsection: 'When and why are Penalty Points applied?').

The penalty points listed above have been deducted from the relevant team’s overall standings, and are displayed on the Race Viewer.

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