Clipper Race Update

14 December 2019

Punta del Este and Visit Sanya, China are currently match racing each other for the Roaring Forties Match Race trophy and the former is also making good progress in the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint.

Due to light winds, flogging sails and the need to arrive into Fremantle in good time, Unicef has accepted ninth place and switched on its engine. The Race Office has been monitoring advance weather conditions and in the event of further light winds both Punta del Este and Visit Sanya, China are also authorised to motor-sail.

The current ETAs into Fremantle are estimated as follows:

Punta del Este: Thursday 19 December PM

Unicef: Friday 20 December AM

Visit Sanya, China: Friday 20 December PM

Once the remaining teams arrive they will be given the support they need in terms of maintenance and victualling from both the Clipper Race team and the rest of the fleet.

During Race 5, the Clipper Race Office has confirmed that the fleet will be racing on elapsed time.

The eight teams currently in Fremantle, will depart as planned on 22 December. They will slip lines at 1200 local time, taking part in a parade of sail at 1300, MOB drills at 1330 with Race 5 start at 1500.

The Clipper Race team will ensure that the remaining three teams have adequate rest and preparation time leading up to their race start from Fremantle. Unicef, Punta del Este and Visit Sanya, China will therefore be departing on the 24 December, exactly 48 hours after the other eight teams.

As they will be starting from the same line, and racing the exact same course, they will race on elapsed time against the rest of the fleet.

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