The Clipper Race fleet has started to cross the International Date Line, a big race milestone in Race 10: Sailing City - Qingdao Cup.

On 12 April, Punta del Este reached it first at 0103 UTC, followed by WTC Logistics at 0300 UTC and then Unicef at 0708.

Whilst crossing the International Date Line does not score points, or impact sailing technically, it does mean that on passing through the date line, you become a time traveller of sorts, reliving the same day twice!

We asked the Race Crew, Skippers and First Mates to report back from the North Pacific, and let us know which day of their lives they’d love to live all over again!


Wavy (Race Skipper)- The three days my girls were born

Maddie Church– The practice race start. It was the first time I checked out of training mode and into race mode. Even though it was just practice, it felt real. I felt nervous, exhilarated, intimated, and powerful all at the same time. It got me even more amped for the actual start, if that was even possible.

Heather Broadbent – Leaving London. It was the best and the worst days. It was the start of my adventure, I was leaving all my friends and family who came to wave me off and I didn’t know if I was happy or sad. My eyes were leaking. The spectator boat stopped and suddenly we were on our own. It was a weird day.

Mike – The day I smoked my first Thanksgiving turkey. It was done 9 hours early though.

Emily Edwards – 25 years ago I instigated a fight with my mother over something petty. She told me to leave her property and never come back. She hasn’t talked to me or my grandkids since. I would like to do that over.

Ha Long Bay Viet Nam

Josh Stickland, Skipper- Mine would be a day at Lusty Glaze, one of the only private beaches in England. It was one of the best surfing days I’ve had. I got stood up for a date, but I had a really good day surfing instead.

Angela Brandsma, FIrst Mate- I would relive 22 July 2015, the day that I had my 20 week ultrasound of my son George. It was a weird ultrasound with a doubting echoscopist. Even though she said he was fine, I should have asked her to double check or get a second opinion, just in case. It would have saved his life.


06/11/2015 – 30/11/2015

Tom Bowes- When the first big low hit, we had some high winds, good sailing and fast!

Jacqui Webb- The day my son’s first child was born. That was the most wonderful day of my life. To see your first born hold his first born, and to be there to see the look on his face, was the most magical moment of my life.

Gerard Doherty- It would be my wedding day, and one of the days my daughters were born. Those are the big highlights of my life.

Jim Weiss- January 10th 2002, my 34th birthday, and the day I asked my wife to marry me.

Andy Dodd- It’s difficult. I’ve had so many good days.

Izzy Poston- I’d relive a holiday spent at the Grand Canyon with my family.

Jade Hughes- There’s too many days that I’d like to relive, but if I had to pick, it’d be spending time with my nan. Any of those days.

Florin Cazanaru- I don’t have a day. I have multiple days. What I want to repeat over and over again is when I wake up in the morning and see my girls.

Jacqueline Kavanagh- The day that I won my first Oscar for the fully naked Irish language sci-fi movie, and because it’s time travel, I’m allowed to have two, so every day that I spend with my family, apart from the days that I have to visit a dentist.

Susan Went- Loads. Loads and loads and loads of fun and happy times. Birthdays spent with my family, my mum’s 90th birthday, where she was surrounded by friends and family, and just a fantastic day for everybody concerned. Visits to the theatre with my friends, dinner with my friends, this Christmas, which was the first time in two years the whole family was together, with two new members of the family, two new babies, so that was special. The day before I flew to join this race in 2020, when my lovely friend Chrissy came to stay to pack my bags: I’d like to relive that day again for many many reasons. Fantastic holidays, meeting new friends, ends of races with the Clipper Race in 2017-18, and any day spent sailing with my dad. In reality, the day I am reliving is today, because we crossed the international date line yesterday on April the 13th, and today is also April the 13th.

Brendan O'Ciobhain- The day I would relive would be my 21st birthday party, because I would like to remember it.

Dare To Lead (passed IDL 0833 UTC on 13 April 2022)

Nigel - I told you that yesterday.

Al Jay - First Mate - it would be the day of the lightning strike on my Clipper Race yacht in January 2018 when I was crew on Qingdao. I missed it down below and would like to see it. It was the loudest bang I have ever heard in my life.

Maisie Bristow - it would be a day all my grandparents were alive.

Paul Harwood - the day I first summited a 7000 metres mountain (Ama Dhablam).

Bettina Neid - it would be the moment before our Code 3 was ripped in half last Monday in order to prevent this.

Steven Baigrie - it would be the day I had my fall last week and hurt my shoulder, so that I could prevent it by holding onto something more stable.

Kevin Smith - it would be the day I met my wife. Joan is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Steven Mishaan - it would be all the days my four children were born.

Nathan Hadfield - it would be my 40th Birthday, which I spent in Kyoto in Japan with my partner in a very old and traditional ryokan, sightseeing and enjoying an elaborate dinner.

Steph Stewart - I wouldn’t want to go back to any day as I enjoy every upcoming day in my life.

Steve Westwood - it would be the day I flew my first passenger jet at 20 years old. Scary and exilatering at the same time.

Jim Feldkamp - it would be August 2nd 1986, when I stepped out of the plane in Pensacola, Florida to start my Navy career. And all the adventures since then. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Andy Rocke - it would be August 2011 when I completed my first Tour de France climb in the french alps.

Antonio Palacio - it would be in January 1986, when I won the Olivos Florianopolis Race. It was a crazy seven days at sea with a crew of five.

Nora Havel - it would be any day my Dad is still alive.

Imagine your Korea

James Anderson - The day in winter as a 11 or 12 year old where we had our then customary walk, on a weekday night, across the back fields to the ice rink in a blizzard. Mam & Dad in front, me and my sister behind in their footsteps – like Good King Wenceslas. Skating to current tunes and then when the regular short session in the middle started, watching them ice-dance, which is how they met.

Annette Rolfe - A summer day at home in France with family, including a prolonged breakfast of croissants and coffee, time in the garden, a swim if possible, a bbq and a long evening and slow sunset to enjoy being all together.

Richard Burchell - mine would be the achievement of staging the musical Barnum at the Lewisham Theatre many years ago. The challenges of performing and organising circus acts in a theatre was a different challenge than a normal musical. It all went well and was received well by the audiences. It involved high wire zip wires across the audience and tight rope walking as well as circus

Gill Donald - Ah, to be 21 again…

John (Boy) Chambers, First Mate - The miracle of Istanbul 2005. Gerrard header top bins revving the crowd up for the biggest comeback win in the champions league era. YNWA.

Matt Pidden - My first ever snow day back in Year 5. We got Friday off school and about half a foot of snow. The whole family was together and we went on an expedition in sledges to get hot chocolates and bacon buttys from the local. Simple times.

Petra Strapacova - For the simple one, it would be the first night start of an offshore race ever under the stars in Croatia with all that serenity around, just water and wind whooshing, navigational lights of 120 sailing yachts, the power of nature you feel when you grab the helm, the feeling of infinity and freedom and the thrill of a new adventure coming. The strongest one though would be the day I found out that I survived a deadly disease mostly thanks to the power of my will and positive thinking and when I realised how much I would have regretted not being able to fulfil my dreams. Live everyday as if it was your last day!

Seattle (passed IDL at 1413 UTC and at a latitude of 44 26'.123 N.)

Dave Hartshorn, Race Skipper- I'd relive sailing up the Hudson into New York for the first time ever, arriving just as dusk was falling, or seeing my son's first try in rugby!

Hannah Brewis, First Mate- After months of boat preparation, being on the start line with all the other boats about to race across the North Pacific would be pretty cool.

Maria Treadaway- Sailing into Qingdao in first place, and being greeted by drums, golden dragons and lots of beer on my first Clipper Race. Or another day with my brother.

Kitty Phillips- Race start, seeing all the boats lined up was pretty spectacular, anticipating the beginning of the epic adventure of crossing the North Pacific. Or my first night dive, Little Corn, Nicaragua. I saw a string of pearls phosphorescence, lighting up one by one as they talked to each other. Like fairy lights in the sea, magical.

Dawn Widdowson- the day we were flattened by 73 knots of wind sailing into Punta del Este. Or, the day I married Paul Widdowson, or any other day with him!

Mark Lammerskitten- The day I stood on the top of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro in the sunrise having beaten the cold and thin air.

Wayne Littler- Born again with the euro lottery numbers birth mark on my bottom, so that I can live my life as a billionaire.

Alec Pickthall- Lying on the Yankee during the lightning storm, watching the waves get flattened by the rain, and feeling the rain as multiple drum beats on my back. Then, a knocking on my leg, which was Mark going 'Alec, get back to the cockpit and don't touch anything metal!'

Boele Collot D'Escury- Reliving the day when my clothes and sleeping bag were dry would be quite comfortable.

Emily Holbrook- the day we had 40 knot winds, sunshine, snow, big rolling waves on a beam reach, surfing down the waves singing at the top of my lungs. all culminating in a giant icy cold wave to the face. Magical. Or, the day that both my children, Harry and Annabelle, were able to ski independently down a mountain with my husband and I. We were flying down, no reins, all skiing together as a family - freedom and countless adventures ahead of us.....I felt like my job as a mother was pretty much done, give or take!

Arvin Vulliet- heading to Punta the sun was setting off the port bow and 40+ dolphins all breached at the same time across the bow before heading off- an amazing picture still in my mind. Or the day my daughter was born, it was amazing watching her come into the world.

Kiki Sheridan- Race Start in London, the atmosphere around St Katharine Docks with family, friends and supporters, the parade of sail down the Thames, going under Tower Bridge. The electric excitement of what was to come...

Patrick Schmider- the day I arrive in Seattle

Marcus Cox- heading toward Cape Town, low pressure, no moon or stars, big waves, night time surfing! Goosebumps! Or, picnics in Huntingdon Beach with my kids, I would take any one of those days again.

Ike Broaddus- Race Start when it all became real and very exciting! Or to relive my wedding day, the happiest day of my life.

Visit Sanya, China (passed IDL 2155UTC on 12/04/22)

Liz Copeland - the day I last wore shorts and a t-shirt sailing up from Subic Bay

Afshin Ahmadian- the night I sailed a Clipper Race yacht on the Southern Ocean in 18 knots of wind and witnessed a moon-bow.

John Martin - walking along the narrow snow shoulder on top of the Eiger on a sunny late morning

Barry Welsford- Sunday walks with Trish and lunch in the pub

Richard Clements- a day spent on the beach with Mandy and our two dogs, followed by fish & chips and ice cream

Paddy Hayes- base jumping off the Eiffel Tower

Shiyi Cao- one day when out walking in the jungle in China I came across a group of Pandas, and after some time they allowed me into their circle of friendship!

Rick Whitehouse- the day I played in a hockey final with my son.

Colin Tulley- Fish & chips with gravy on the Blackpool Promenade

Punta del Este (Passed IDL at 0103 UTC on 12 April)

Jeronimo Santos Gonzales, Race Skipper- I would relive the last four hours! (Asked just as I was waking up inside my warm sleeping bag)

Nano Antia Bernardez, First Mate- I would relive the morning in the Pacific on the Clipper 2017-18 Race, when I awoke to huge waves rolling behind us, it was an amazing sight.

Charles Lafferty (Chip)- I would relive my arrival into Subic Bay, to be more helpful and thankful to everyone.

Jeronimo Lestido - Christmas Eve of 2016, it was the last night I had with my Uncle Jorge.

Pip Cledwyn- I would relive the day I packed for this trip as I made a number of omissions from the kit. I should have packed a thermal blanket, heated underpants and something warm to snuggle in my sleeping bag!

Punta del Este team in the North Pacific

WTC Logistics (passed IDL 0300 12 April 2022)

Dan Jones, Skipper on WTC Logistics – it would be signing up as Race Skipper, it was and is the biggest challenge of my life and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Ineke van der Weijden – First Mate on WTC Logistics - a moment to relive on the Clipper Race was the photo finish between Nasdaq and GREAT Britain into Sydney Harbour in the 2017-18 edition: two Clipper 70s barrelling down the harbour on a sunny Sunday and crossing the finish after 4000 plus nm with not even a hair difference.

Bryan Healy – The day of the storm off Japan when I was helming with Dan, because it was so fun.

Susie Blair – my last day in New Zealand with my cousin Anna before heading back to the UK: we did our favourite thing walking the dogs on the beach. I didn't know then it was the last time I would see her as she was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before the race left London. I’m finishing the race for her. Miss you little sis. Xx

Kaz Smith– the day when at 4am I made bread for breakfast and then at 8am had to announce to the crew I had forgotten to add yeast and the only thing the bread was good for was bricklaying! I would like to relive the day and include yeast!

Manu Hulme Parker– First holiday after lockdown where the whole family was together for the first time. A lot of planning and cancelled flights and it all worked out in the end: such a stress-free time, not a care in the world.

Paul Widdowson– In 2007, the day I paid for a brand new 40’ yacht and never saw it…the broker went into liquidation.

Sophie Owles– I’d like to relive the day we crossed the finish line in Subic Bay in first place after sailing from Airlie Beach in The Whitsundays. The sense of achievement and feeling of joy at making it so far was a great feeling to have.

Rachel Burgess- I’d probably go back to Leg 2 or 3, where we had enormous waves of 10 metres- you get to the top of them and it’s like being in the Alps, but just huge mountains of water around you. I’m hoping in the next few days we get some similar conditions!

Charlotte Mitchell- I would love to relive a day of packing for Leg 6, because I'd love to pack many more pairs of warm gloves!

High winds on WTC Logistics


David Errington- My birthday, because I would never grow old!"

Ben Gillingham - The day I put the hot chocolate tins in the bilge and it was lost forever, because I would stop myself and never do that again!

Tracey Corkett - The day we left Subic Bay.

Unicef (passed IDL 0708 12 April)

Dan Bodey, First Mate – I’d relive the moment we arrived into Airlie Beach. My family were waiting for me on the pontoon and we managed to get a podium finish too!

Sue Lucas – The day my boys were so proud of me and said I was awesome for taking on such a challenge when I said I was going to do this thing.

Shaneil Patel – In my whole life I’d love to relive my wedding day. On the Clipper Race I’d relive the Le Mans Start. It was great seeing all the boats lined up, crashing through the waves, us messing up the start but then coming back and leading within a couple of hours. Actually, I’d just relive the day we finally get into Seattle!

Danny Lee – I’d probably relive the departure from London. Tower Bridge up, with thousands of people lining the banks to cheer us on. It was a magical experience. I’d also relive that night in Capi Bar, or the bonus night in the Whitsundays, or the 2nd Subic Bay Prizegiving Pool Party, or the Subic Bay Karaoke Party. I realise most of these have a common alcohol based theme. I do like the sailing too, honest.

Danny Lee, Race Crew on Unicef

Karen Corley – I’d relive my MBA graduation at the Barbican with my whole family present. It took me a long time to complete and I was incredibly proud.

Holly Williams – I’d relive coming into Cape Town, seeing the Apostles emerge over the horizon, going from Windseeker to a third reef within a minute, then crossing the finish line in second place.

Alex Cavaghan – I’d relive the delivery to St Katherine Docks for the Clipper 2013-14 Race. I’ve never been more proud of myself.

Michiel Kool – Clipper Race related I’d say the Subic Bay Prizegiving Party. Take 200 hungry sailors, add booze, add music, add a swimming pool; what could possibly go wrong?!

Lis Wilson – The day I passed out of Sandhurst.

Keith Winstanley – I’d pick the podium finish in Cape Town, but I reserve the right to change to a podium finish in Seattle should we pull it off. And in general life, I’d go for my second wedding!

John Dawson – I’d like to relive the day I changed my underwear.

Jonathan Hallam – The birth of my first child.

JD Fentie – If I had to pick one day to live over it would be the arrival into London on the Clipper 2013-14 Race. I was making sandwiches below and was called up on deck to suddenly see my entire family on one of the spectator boats cheering us on. They’d come from Canada and South Africa. An incredible moment.

Oliver Horsford – The day I was born as I want to do it all over again!

Ahead of the teams crossing the International Date Line, we asked some of the Clipper Race team which day they’d relive on the Clipper Race, and why. Read more here.

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