CV21 and CV31 boat-to-boat transfer

03 November 2023

UPDATE: 3 November 1300 UTC

The Clipper Race Committee has approved a request for redress from CV21, Our Isles and Oceans after the team was instructed to go to the assistance of CV31 Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam in order to transfer a spare portable watermaker across.

On 1 November, CV31 requested assistance in the form of a spares transfer (portable watermaker) from another vessel. The Clipper Race Office duly instructed CV21 to facilitate the spares transfer to CV31 as the closest vessel and carried the correct spare unit. The teams were less than 20nm apart at this time and their respective course and speeds were practically identical at the time.

The spares transfer was successfully completed by 1700 UTC on 1 November and as per normal in these circumstances, both vessels were instructed to record the exact time (UTC) and GPS positions at which they ceased racing, and then to return to that exact position before turning off the motor and resuming racing. The exact time (UTC) and GPS positions of resuming racing was also to be recorded and submitted for consideration.

As per the Clipper 2023-24 Race Sailing Instructions, CV21 was entitled to request redress for giving assistance to CV31. The time taken by CV21 for the spares transfer, including motoring to and from its racing position, equates to a total time of 3 hrs 2 mins 37 seconds spent not racing.

Therefore, this time has been awarded to CV21 for the team’s support, and this will be deducted from the elapsed time overall to give the finishing position in Race 3.

In line with the Sailing Instructions, CV31 is not entitled to request redress in this situation.

UPDATE: 1 November 2300 UTC

At approximately 1700 UTC CV21 Our Isles and Oceans and CV31 Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam conducted a boat-to-boat transfer of a portable replacement watermaker required on board Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam, as the motor had failed on the yacht’s watermaker. All yachts carry spares on board, including parts for watermakers and portable versions, to ensure that there is a sufficient number of spare parts carried across the fleet.

Boat-to-boat transfers are practiced during every Level 4 Training, and this transfer was directed by the Clipper Race Office and managed on scene by Skippers Max Rivers and Josh Stickland. As the closest yacht to CV31, CV21 was instructed to support and as a result will be able to request redress for their assistance given.

Both teams are back racing and within close range of each other as they chase the boats ahead.

We thank both Race Crew and respective sailing staff for managing this transfer and showing great comradeship between teams.

If any further update is required, this page will be updated with further information.