CV22 diversion

24 September 2023

13:00 UTC 24 September 2023 update

At approximately 1200 UTC (1100 Local Time), the Bekezela yacht arrived alongside at Mindelo Marina in the Cape Verde islands. The local marina team is assisting with immigration clearance for the injured crew member and transport has been arranged to take them for a medical assessment.

The Race Manager has been providing regular updates to the crew member’s emergency contact.

The Bekezela team will depart once the crew member leaves the marina for the hospital.

As with yesterday’s diversion, the Clipper Race Office thank MSOS for the remote medical care received on board, NMOC Fareham, Healix who is supporting on the ground and the team at Mindelo Marina who has helped the team in port. Thank you too to Skipper David Hartshorn, AQP Maisie Bristow and the wider Bekezela team for their support and care for their fellow crew member as they diverted to Cape Verde.

With the same procedure as the UNICEF team yesterday, Bekezela ceased racing when it entered the 3nm exclusion zone inbound and will resume racing when the team breaks out of the 3nm exclusion zone outbound. Race Skipper David Hartshorn will note times and positions and declare these to the Race Office.

We wish the injured crew member all the best for a speedy recovery.

12:30 UTC 21 September 2023

A Leg 1 Bekezela crew member has sustained an injury to their eye as a result of a flogging spinnaker sheet.

The crew members condition is currently stable, and they are in minimal pain and is up and about below deck. However, on liaison with medical professionals, further assessment is required. Their emergency contact has been informed, and all other crew on board are safe and well.

The team is currently located around 85nm from the West African coast, however, the nearest landfall is the Western Sahara, which is not suitable for our needs. Therefore, the current plan is for CV22 to divert to Mindelo, Cape Verde islands as the best location for medical support, given the current weather conditions and the downwind course and speed of the yacht.

This location is on the race route and approximately 550nm away which would give an approximate ETA of Saturday afternoon, 23 September. The Clipper Race Office is in contact with the National Marine Operations Centre (NMOC) in Fareham and Morocco Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) to plan for a medical evacuation.

The Skipper of CV22 Bekezela, David Hartshorn, is in regular communication with the Race Office and physicians at the Clipper Race’s remote medical support company and medical evacuation options are being assessed to put a plan into place.