Doldrums Corridor update- PSP Logistics awarded redress for assistance

01 February 2024


PSP Logistics awarded redress for assistance

The Clipper Race Committee has agreed upon an award of redress for PSP Logistics after rendering assistance for two unrelated incidents, detailed below. These separate cases occurred whilst the fleet was motoring within the Doldrums Corridor on Race 7: Endless Discovery in Ha Long Bay.

Assistance between yachts is not unusual within the motoring phase of the Doldrums Corridor and is well-practiced during Level 4 Training pre-race.

On 31 January 2024, PSP Logistics was instructed to rendezvous with Bekezela to facilitate the transfer of spare fuel. PSP Logistics began to assist at 2209 UTC 31 January. Everything was completed effectively and safely and PSP Logistics returned to motoring at 0133 UTC on 1 February.

Later, on 1 February 2024, PSP Logistics was again instructed to alter course and head towards Our Isles and Oceans to facilitate a potential tow during the Doldrums Corridor motoring section. The yacht altered its course at 0706 UTC on 1 February, and after motoring east for approximately two hours, the team was instructed to stand down and return to racing due to decent sailable wind filling in for Our Isles and Oceans. PSP Logistics duly returned on its chosen course (still motoring in the Doldrums Corridor) and resumed racing at 0906 UTC on 1 February.

The outcome from the two incidents described above, is that instead of motoring the allowed Doldrums Corridor 4° of latitude (between 08° and 04° south) in the 36 hours minimum time, PSP Logistics took 44.45 hours to reach the 04° limit.

PSP Logistics crossed 08° south at 05:43:23 UTC on 31 January

PSP Logistics crossed 04° south at 02:10:12 UTC on 2 February

Total time elapsed was 44 hours 26 mins 49 seconds, minus the minimum 36 hours, equals 8 hours 26 minutes 49 seconds of additional time.

Therefore, without complicating the process, PSP Logistics gets rewarded a redress time of 8 hours 26 minutes 49 seconds for going to the assistance and support of Bekezela and then subsequently, Our Isles and Oceans.

Given that the team was motoring at the time of both incidents, distances and locations have not needed to be factored into any calculations.

This redress time will be taken off the total elapsed time for PSP Logistics for Race 7 and the team’s finishing position and points earned will be calculated as a result.


Our Isles and Oceans has an issue with its exhaust hose and is currently liaising with the Clipper Race Technical Team to try and work out a suitable repair. At this time, the team cannot use its engine whilst in the Doldrums Corridor, however, after some light winds, is currently sailing and making good progress. The situation is being closely monitored by the Clipper Race Office.

As one of the closest boats to Our Isles and Oceans, PSP Logistics was temporarily asked to cease racing and make best speed towards Our Isles and Oceans to assist. However, now Our Isles and Oceans is sailing well, PSP Logistics has reverted to racing again, but is close enough be on standby in case it needs to assist with a tow during the remainder of the Doldrums Corridor.

As both yachts are approximately 10nm apart, both Skippers are in contact with each other over VHF radio and are happy with the current plan. All crew are safe and well on board and the Clipper Race Office continues to monitor the situation and will provide updates if necessary.

Unrelated to the above, earlier this morning, Bekezela completed a fuel transfer with PSP Logistics to take on board some extra fuel and is now making the same speeds under engine as the rest of the fleet.

Assistance between yachts is not unusual within the motoring phase of the Doldrums Corridor and is well-practiced during Level 4 Training.

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