ETAs into Den Helder

21 July 2016

Every position in the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge is still up for grabs with the fleet tightly bunched heading for the finish line.

Click here for the schedule of events during the Den Helder stopover.

Please note that these are best estimates based on the latest weather and the average speeds of the fleet. Weather conditions may cause these times to change.

1. Visit Seattle: In Port
2. PSP Logisitcs: In Port
3. Da Nang-Viet Nam: In Port
4. Derry~Londonderry~Doire: In Port
5. LMAX Exchange: In Port
6. GREAT Britain: In Port
7.Garmin: In Port
8. Unicef: In Port
9. Mission Performance: In Port
10. ClipperTelemed+: In Port
11. Qingdao: In Port
12. IchorCoal: In Port

The above ETAs are to the berths at Natte Dok, Willemsoord, Den Helder and not the finish line.

The finish line is just outside the main entrance channel to Den Helder and is approx. 12 nautical miles from the berthing at Natte Dok. This will be a 1.5-2 hour motor to get to the marina once each yacht has finished. Entrance to Natte Dok is via the Zeedoksluis lock.

These times are all in local time (UTC +2 hours).

Unfortunately only Race Officials will be allowed on the pontoons until after arrival formalities are complete.

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