Fleet ETAs into Qingdao, China

12 March 2016

China’s Sailing City, Qingdao, is looking forward to hosting the Clipper Race fleet for the sixth consecutive time.

Due to Chinese immigration policy and an extravagant arrival ceremony which is put on for all teams, arrivals into Qingdao are scheduled between 0900 and 1700.

Latest ETAs (shown in local timing - UTC+8) into the marina for Race 8: The Sailing City - Qingdao Cup is as follows:

Friday 11 March
Derry~Londonderry~Doire: In Port
Garmin: In Port
LMAX Exchange: In Port
Mission Performance: In Port
GREAT Britain: In Port

Saturday 12 March
PSP Logistics: In Port
Qingdao: In Port
Da Nang - Viet Nam: In Port
Visit Seattle: In Port
IchorCoal: In Port

Sunday 13 March
ClipperTelemed+: In Port
Unicef: In Port

Please note that these are best estimates based on the latest weather and the average speeds of the fleet and are subject to change. Updates will be made to these timings as necessary.

The yachts will arrive at Qingdao Olympic Harbour. Due to strict Chinese immigration process, only Race Officials and accredited journalists and officials will be allowed on the pontoons at all times.

Click here to learn more about the city of Qingdao and the schedule of events during the Clipper Race stopover.

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