IchorCoal diverting to Halifax, Canada

23 June 2016

Update: 24/06/2016

Deputy Race Director Mark Light has just provided the following update: "We can confirm that the helicopter medevac of Chris Drummond has been successful and completed at 0914UTC today.

"The boat has now turned around and is now making best course and speed towards the position where they ceased racing and is awaiting further instructions."

The team, which has two on board medic crew, had been liaising with PRAXES, the Clipper Race’s Emergency Medical Support Partner, and the Canadian Defence Department which despatched its Cormorant rescue helicopter to the boat as soon as the team was within flying range. The latest update from on board said that Chris was stable and we shall provide further updates on his condition as we recieve them.

In his detailed report today, IchorCoal Skipper Rich Gould makes best efforts to reassure as he praises the actions of his crew saying: “I would like all friends and family at home to know that all is well aboard, everybody is in good spirits and despite our situation there is still laughter in great supply. Fear not, the amazing IchorCoal crew have got it all under control.”

23/06/2016 - 4:40PM
IchorCoal is diverting to Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada to medevac a 62 year old male crew member who is currently complaining of chest pains. Next of kin have been informed.

The decision has been made as precaution based on advice from physicians at PRAXES, the Clipper Race’s Global Medical Emergency Support Partner. The team’s on board medic, a Consultant Anaesthetist, is also helping to administer care.

The team is currently 370NM from Nova Scotia, and is now making best speed to Halifax. The skipper has reduced sail to flatten the boat off and is communicating with the Race Office, Falmouth, US Coast Guard, and Canadian Defence Department for further advice on the medevac.

All other crew on board are safe and well.

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