Leg 4 Penalty Points

03 March 2020

The Clipper Race Committee has finalised the list of penalty points that will be deducted from the teams following the assessment of damages and repairs needed after Leg 4.

Leg 4 was a 3,415 nautical mile race from Fremantle, Western Australia to Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsundays. Given the fact that the fleet raced through the Southern Ocean and also battled Southerly Busters on its way up the East Coast of Australia, everyone has once again done a great job of looking after their sails and equipment. I’m pleased to say that this is a trend that is continuing and the fleet will be congratulated on this.

The penalty points for Sail Repairs and Equipment Damage and Losses have now been finalised and are as follows:-

Sail Repairs

As per the Sailing Instructions, two penalty points will be awarded to the relevant yacht when the running total of sail repair and replacement costs exceeds £500 and a further two penalty points will be awarded for every subsequent £500 for the duration of the Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race. This applies to all sails and is cumulative.

After examining the level of sail damage and repairs needed at the conclusion of Leg 4, the Clipper Race Committee has issued penalty points to:

Imagine Your Korea 2 penalty points for exceeding the £500 barrier on sail damage (Code 3 repair in Airlie Beach).

Equipment Damage and Losses

As per the Sailing Instructions, one penalty point will be issued when the running total for equipment damage exceeds £500, with a further one penalty point to be issued for every subsequent £500 on the running total.

Following Leg 4, Equipment Damage and Losses Penalty Points have been issued to:

Dare To Lead 1 penalty point for exceeding the £500 barrier on equipment damage and losses (winch damage on Race 5).

Unicef 1 penalty point for exceeding the £500 barrier on equipment damage and losses (heavyweight kite sheet lost overboard on Race 5).

All teams have been informed of this update by Clipper Race Director Mark Light.

To see the full overall standings, please see the Race Viewer on the Clipper Race website.

A full explanation of penalty points can be found in our Sailing Instructions and FAQ section (under ‘The Race’, subsection: ‘When and why are Penalty Points applied?’).

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