After no points were issued for any teams for Race 9 (Leg 6), the Clipper Race Committee has finalised the penalty points to be given to teams following the assessment of damages and repairs needed after Race 10 and Race 11 (Leg 7) up until the New York stopover.

Penalty points are awarded because of damage sustained during racing and are designed to encourage crew to look after and maintain their yachts throughout the race.

Equipment damage

The Clipper Race Committee keeps a running total of the costs of lost and damaged equipment and will impose one penalty point to the relevant team when the running total reaches £500 and an additional penalty point for every subsequent £500.

Liverpool 2018 (CV20) will pick up one penalty point for equipment damage during Leg 7.

UPDATE: As of 12:00 on 15/07/2018 this point has been reinstated to CV20 after being issued in error.

Sail damage

Separately to this, penalty points can be issued for sail damage and repairs. Two penalty points will be issued when the running total exceeds £500 and a further two penalty points will be issued for every subsequent £500 on the running total. This applies to all sails and sail bags and is cumulative.

After assessing sail damage and repair in Leg 7, the Clipper Race Committee has issued the following: (CV23) - 8 penalty points for replacement Code 3 (heavyweight spinnaker) as per Sailing Instructions.

Nasdaq (CV31) - 4 penalty points as repair costs take them through the £500 and £1000 thresholds.

A full explanation of penalty points can be found in our Sailing Instructions and FAQ section (under ‘The Race’, subsection ‘When and why are Penalty Points applied?’).

Penalty points do not affect individual races but can impact the overall standings table when applied. This has been updated and can be viewed here.

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