Let adventure be your backdrop

09 April 2020

There isn’t much about the extreme challenge of the Clipper Race that can be considered ‘wallpaper’. Stepping outside of comfort zones, facing Mother Nature and all that she throws at you becomes the new normal.

In these challenging times, as we adapt to life staying safe and at home, a range of Clipper Race images is available to download which will add the spirit of adventure to your next Zoom family video call, Race Crew catch up or work conference call.

From calm scenes and tropical heat to action on deck on the Southern Ocean, simply choose from the 16 photos, click on an image and download to use as your inspiring backdrop. The images can be found here. On the Zoom app, you can upload your chosen Clipper Race photo in Settings and the Virtual Background section.

Whether already Clipper Race Crew or aspiring to be, these images will help bring the challenge of the race and courage of crew members back to life - or you can imagine yourself on board in the next edition of the Clipper Race.

Please share photos of your at home high seas adventure with us via social media by tagging @ClipperRace to let us know how you get on.

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