Living life to the extreme for American adventurer

24 September 2014

“Getting on the tube and turning around to see my face on the side of a station just before the doors closed was quite unexpected,” tells American crew member Kristi Wilson to Race HQ.

Kristi is part of the latest London Underground campaign to help inspire others to take part in the challenge of racing around the world.

“When I asked someone to take a picture of me with my kit bag and gear into front of the poster after the race they said, ‘Congratulations! What have you achieved?’

“My response? ‘Sailing round the world of course!’ Friends and family were extremely excited and proud to know my story was being used for the campaign.”

A circumnavigator on board Northern Irish entry Derry~Londonderry~Doire, the eleven month race on a 70-foot yacht provided highs and lows for Kristi and her crew mates including a medevac, man overboard and a homeport win.

“The most personally challenging moment of the race was getting back on board after Leg 3 to begin our journey to Sydney.

“We had just completed a month long race after crossing the Southern Ocean, that included a knockdown and a medevac.

“We were going to be going back into the Southern Ocean and facing the massive waves of the Roaring Forties once more. As an assistant watch leader, I felt an immense amount of pressure and anxiety as we prepped to slip lines from Albany, Australia.

“After an amazing race start and a few hours back out in the water, we slipped back into our racing routine as a well trained team and with that my pre-race nerves also slipped away.”

So what’s the next adventure?

“I’m going home to spend some much needed time catching up with family and friends back in my hometown in Indiana.

“But I already know I won’t be able to stick in one place for long, so have already booked a return ticket to the UK to attend a wedding from a friend I had on the race and start doing additional training to put towards my Yachtmaster.

“While doing the race I realised I wanted to pursue a media role in within in the sailing community, so I am trying to get a foot in the door with a professional racing team. Until then I will hopefully have the chance to build up my skipper passages for my Yachtmaster while doing deliveries.”

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