Meet the Clipper 2023-24 Race Crew: Guido Rispoli

09 May 2024

Name: Guido Rispoli
Age: 70
Occupation: Retired Financial advisor
Legs: 7 and 8
Nationality: Italian
Lives: Turin

Whilst the Clipper 2023-24 Race has been underway since last July, for the Race Crew who are competing in the penultimate legs of the global circuit, they are only just embarking on the race of their life.

Image: Guido in Seattle prior to departure.

Leg 7 and 8 Race Crew Guido Rispoli, who is a retired financial advisor, is one of the crew members who has been waiting patiently to join his UNICEF teammates for the USA Coast-to-Coast Leg.

Speaking before setting off in Seattle, Guido said: “I feel excited to be here and sometimes a bit nervous. I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this and it’s finally here.”

For Guido, who is from Turin, Italy, Leg 7 was a big draw for several reasons. He explains: “I chose to take part in Leg 7 as it's very tactical - especially the first race. Then the Panama canal appealed - I was curious to cross it. Then the second race of the leg in the Caribbean Sea with some steady winds and then into Washington, I am curious to see it all.”

Prior to signing up to the Clipper Race, Guido’s on-the-water experience includes an Atlantic crossing, three round Italy passages, and many trips around Europe totalling over 25,000nm. On the Clipper Race experience, he reflects: “This kind of sailing is different! So nevermind how long I’ve been sailing before. We are all prepared with the training.”

Image: Guido left Seattle with his UNICEF teammates on Friday 3 May.

Guido’s goals for his race are to explore the Americas continent from the sea, meet interesting people and share a unique race experience. Thinking ahead to the realities of living on board a Clipper 70 stripped out racing yacht, he added: “Ask me again at the end of the leg but I think it’ll be ok to live on board the yacht! We have all done some four weeks training so it should be good.”

As Guido settles into life on board with his UNICEF teammates, he brings a strong set of transferable skills to the group. He explains: “Through my work I am dealing with emergency responses and preparedness; I like to be multitasking and fixer.”

Image: Guido’s crew photo, taken during Clipper Race training

Whilst the UNICEF team has more than 3000 nautical miles still to race, they’ve played their first race tactic of sticking to the rhumb line’s inshore route rather than heading to the Scoring Gate. They are foregoing any bonus race points the Scoring Gate might offer in a bid to make up leaderboard positions with a shorter race route.

Keep up to date with the progress of Guido and his UNICEF teammates via the Race Viewer. Inspired by Guido? Want to line up on the Leg 7 start line in the next edition? You can find out more and apply to become a crew member on the Clipper 2025-26 Race via the apply page.

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