More Clipper Race teams arrive in Cape Town

10 November 2023

It was a wonderfully warm welcome to the big blue boat UNICEF as it sailed into port at Cape Town on day two of arrivals.

The team took seventh place as they crossed the Finish Line at 12:15:31 UTC today and were given a sunny South African greeting.

The team, Skippered by Dan Bodey, alongside AQP Laura Hampton currently sits in a solid fifth place on the leader board, after scooping a podium spot place in Race 1. A seventh place arrival in Race 2: Hundred Years Cup and an third on the Ocean Sprint left them with 14 points as they entered Race 3: TIMEZERO South Atlantic Showdown.

Image: UNICEF team

On arrival into Cape Town, AQP Laura Hampton said: “It was quite an interesting entry! We managed to get some current coming in which was awesome and gave us some speed, but as we got into the shadow of Table Mountain we lost all our speed!

“We’ve had quite a journey! We were expecting a downwind race but most of it ended up being upwind! We decided to go east to get some current, which paid off and took us ahead of our competitors, and kept us moving through a tough wind hole, and now I’m delighted to be here!”

Crew member George Coldham added: “I understand the boat now, properly! The first two races were really fun, but this is the first crossing where I feel it really worked.”

Crossing the Finish Line at 16:47:28 UTC and claiming eighth place on Race 2 was Washington, DC Skippered by Hannah Brewis, and AQP Cameron McCracken.

Image: Washington, DC arrives in Cape Town

Arriving in the V&A Waterfront Marina as the sun set over Cape Town, Hannah Brewis reflected: “It was a wild ride! We had storms, wind holes, upwind, downwind... it took a long time to get going, we started off with very light winds, then there was a lot of wind, and then not much wind! It was all over the place for a long time and took a while to get into it and start doing the miles. Then we started really ticking off the miles, and then the last 24 hours we have been stuck in the bottom of this high pressure doing 2 knots, which is a long time when you are tantalisingly close to the end!

Image: Hannah Brewis

“We had a great atmosphere on board and a really enjoyable time. The crew are really getting into the groove, we had such a good time and everyone got on. When it was tough, through the wind holes and frustrating times, there was the drive to keep going even though it seemed we would never make it. People were developing and I was sitting back more and more, so the progression is amazing.”

Just sneaking in as the final Day 2 arrival, was PSP Logistics, who crossed the Finish Line at 23:30:42 UTC and securing them a ninth-place spot on the Race 2 leader board.

Despite sailing in through the still of the night, it was nothing but smiling faces and warm embraces as loved ones lined the pontoons waiting for Race Crew to arrive.

Image: PSP Logistics arrives in the still of the night

Skipper Mike Miller said “The last 150 miles of this race took us a long, long time, but the crew really stuck at it, and we have had a fantastic day of sailing today. We came in just as the sun was going down over Table Mountain, and it was totally stunning.

“We have the most amazing spirit on our team. Sad to have a big change over here in Cape Town but looking forward to welcoming the next Race Crew.

“It’s amazing to see so many people here lining the pontoon at this time – I can’t quite believe it. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and the place is filled with people.”

Dianne McGrath, Circumnavigator on PSP Logistics, said “Oh my god, it was amazing! Way too many wind holes, but we also had some incredible seas and incredible moments.”

The first of the Day 3 arrivals was Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam who crossed the line at 00:59:08 UTC and took to the leader board in tenth place.

Met at the marina of the V&A Waterfront by family, friends and fellow Race Crew – armed with a stack of pizza and beers! – it was the perfect welcome for the team.

Image: Team Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam before being let loose on the pizza!

Speaking on arrival into port, Skipper Josh Stickland said “The race has had it all – lightning strikes, wind holes, but it’s been good! I’m so proud of my team, it’s the third race and we are really start to work together well."

Arriving on the Finish Line at 07:54:58 UTC to glorious Capetonian sunshine was Our Isles and Oceans. Well done to Max, Tom and the team for a valiant effort to the end. They took eleventh place and to concluded the Race 3: TIMEZERO South Atlantic Showdown.

Tom Newsom, AQP for Our Isles and Oceans said: “It’s been a tough race for us, very extreme conditions, we have learnt a lot. This is my first time in the southern hem racing and it’s been an experience. The team have been really positive, and we have really enjoyed our time together”.

Image: Our Isles and Oceans Team

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