Nasdaq diverts to Cape Verde Islands

05 September 2017

UPDATE 23:00 BST - 5/9/2017

At approximately 21:00 BST, Nasdaq arrived as planned into Mindelo, São Vicente, to transfer crew member David Harries to hospital following diagnosis of possible DVT. We are pleased to report that David has been taken to hospital and we wish him all the best as he receives necessary treatment. Skipper Rob Graham reports that he is happy with the situation and Nasdaq is now clearing standard customs procedures to resume racing as soon as possible.

CV31, Nasdaq, is diverting to Mindelo, São Vicente, in the Cape Verde islands, in order to drop off round the world crew member David Harries, 48, who has a sore and swollen right leg.

Skipper Rob Graham and the onboard medic crew have been in constant contact with ClipperTelemed+ by PRAXES Medical, our remote medical support physicians, and the Clipper Race Office overnight and have administered antibiotics, though the current diagnosis is that it could be deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Although this medevac is necessary it is not an emergency, however the risks posed in bypassing the Cape Verde Islands and continuing on across the South Atlantic are too great and not one we are willing to take a chance with. David’s health and well-being are the most important concerns here.

The plan, as agreed with Race Director Mark Light, is that the team will sail as close as it can to the island before suspending racing in order to minimise any disruption to its race. It will then motor into Mindelo to carry out the drop off, and will resume racing from the exact position of suspension as quickly as immigration and clearance allows.

There is a central hospital close to the marina in Mindelo where David will be able to get the appropriate treatment.

At present, Nasdaq is just over 70 nautical miles away from Mindelo and is expected to arrive there in daylight today.

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