Nautical Channel Plans Global TV Coverage

28 May 2015

The international specialist marine events and lifestyle broadcaster Nautical Channel, which reaches more than 20 million people in over 40 countries across Europe, Africa, Americas and Oceania, broadcasting in English, French, Russian, and German, is to provide regular news coverage of the tenth edition of the Clipper Race.

In the run up to race start at the end of August Nautical Channel is also broadcasting the adventure documentary series ‘Race of Their Lives’. The eight half-hour programmes follow the experiences of crew participating in the 2013-14 edition as the race unfolds leg by leg.

“The Clipper Race is unique and provides an exciting and accessible window on competitive ocean racing,” said Andrew Miller, Managing Director and Head of Programming at Nautical Channel. “The tenth edition is an important landmark for the biennial round-the-world race and we aim to work with the organisers to bring our global audience regular updates as the amateur crews on twelve identical yachts race across some of the world’s most challenging oceans.

“We are also very pleased to have secured the documentary series ‘Race of Their Lives’ which premieres this week and runs over the next two months; it vividly demonstrates that the Clipper Race is an incredible feat of human endurance and provides a compelling viewer experience.”

Each episode of ‘Race of Their Lives’ runs for a week on Nautical Channel with regular repeats. Full details of times and territories can be found on their web site at:

Global Business and Communications Director Jonathan Levy commented: “Nautical Channel is the leading global specialist broadcaster for all things marine. I look forward to working with their team over the coming months to bring their viewers around the world the very latest from our tenth edition race series.”

The DVD of the ‘Race of Their Lives’ series will be available from July. The sports series of the 2013-14 edition ‘Clipper Round the World’ can be purchased now from Bookharbour here.

We’ll be posting excerpts on our You Tube channel from next week. You can view the trailer here.

The programmes were produced for the Clipper Race by 1080 Media TV and distributed by BBC Worldwide.

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