The Race 2: Hundred Years Cup Ocean Sprint results were revealed at Prizegiving in Punta del Este last night, after a highly anticipated wait from Clipper Race crew.

The first of the competition, the Ocean Sprint is a time trial between two lines of longitude or two lines of latitude and an opportunity for the fastest three teams to tot up bonus points.

Image: Race 2 Ocean Sprint map

For Race 2, the sprint was between 05°S and 10°S and the distance on the rhumb line across was approximately 330nm - but only 300nm if travelled directly north to south.

Clipper Race Director, Mark Light, said “As with all Ocean Sprints, the teams experienced varying conditions on arrival and throughout the sprint section, and this very much depended on how far west or east the teams had positioned themselves when exiting the Doldrums Corridor. 

“The other main contributing factor was exactly what route the respective teams chose, either the shortest distance north to south, or more of an angled approach following closer to the main track and concentrating on the overall race.”

The three teams completing the Ocean Sprint in the fastest time were:

1st - Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam (3 points)
2nd - Bekezela (2 points)
3rd – UNICEF (1 point)

Image: Ocean Sprint top three

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam chose a more direct course to reduce sprinting distance. The team worked hard to race across in a time of 30 hours 51 mins 30 secs, which gave an average speed of just over 10 knots.

Bekezela plotted a similar course all the way across, and as a result, it grabbed the second fastest time of 31 hours 16 mins and 42 seconds (only 25 minutes behind Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam).

And UNICEF was approximately 35 mins later, and therefore managed to get the third fastest time of 31 hours 51 mins 20 seconds.

Congratulations to Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam, Bekezela and UNICEF – great Ocean Sprinting!

Continued results as below:

Image: Ocean Sprint leader board

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