Ocean Sprint results are traditionally announced at Prizegiving, with teams eagerly awaiting the results which are kept secret by the Race Office until the event. However, Prizegiving for Races 11 and 12 will be a joint event during the Washington, DC stopover. This is due to Panama being a short pit stop ahead of the canal transit. Therefore, the Ocean Sprint results for Race 11: #SailConnected with SENA have been revealed early.

The Race 11 Ocean Sprint was between 30°N and 25°N and the distance on the rhumb line across was approximately 350nm.

As with all Ocean Sprints, the teams had varying conditions on arrival and during the sprint section. These conditions depended on how far east or west the teams had positioned themselves when crossing the sprint start and end points, and also what sort of route they took from north to south. With such variable conditions, and as wind continued to lighten as the fleet progressed south, this resulted in a wide spread of finishing times.

The top three fastest teams have been revealed, with Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam taking the top spot and the full three points. Qingdao was second fastest and will receive two points and taking the last available bonus point is Perseverance.

The bonus points are awarded, as follows:

1st - Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam 3 points

2nd - Qingdao 2 points

3rd - Perseverance 1 point

Congratulations to Bob and Cam, Phil and Henry and Ineke and Joss, and their respective teams.

Full results below:

48:25:39 Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam
49:50:18 Qingdao
50:05:31 Perseverance
54:30:54 Dare To Lead
56:14:17 Washington, DC
56:20:30 Zhuhai
56:31:11 UNICEF
61:09:49 PSP Logistics
63:40:36 Our Isles and Oceans
64:23:30 Bekezela
65:32:46 Yacht Club Punta del Este

The overall standings will be adjusted accordingly following these results. The addition of these points, along with the Race 11 Scoring Gate and finishing positions, there will be a leaderboard shake up! See where all the teams are now positioned by checking out the leaderboard, found on the Race Viewer page.

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