Perseverance scoops another podium spot

09 November 2023

It’s Day 1 of the fleet’s arrival into Cape Town. After Dare To Lead took the victory, closely behind the team was Perseverance finishing in second place, securing yet another top two finish and continuing its podium streak.

Skippered by Ineke Van Der Weijden, the Perseverance team had maintained a strong lead from the get-go of Race 3: TIMEZERO South Atlantic Showdown, however, was pipped to the post for the top spot in this race. Nevertheless, the team arrived into Cape Town in high spirits as its unbroken string of top-two finishes on this race edition saw them welcomed into port with warm Capetonian spirit, a cold beer and of course another obligatory fizz spray to celebrate the result.

Image: Perseverance celebrating their second place victory when they arrived into Cape Town

Ineke said: “The last nine miles were insane! No wind, then wind from all directions- we knew it would be a very slow finish! We are now here in my favourite city, Cape Town. We took a different route, we were closer to the high which slowed us down more than expected and Dare To Lead just had a fantastic 24 hours. When it popped back up after Stealth Mode, we didn’t quite expect it but hey, that’s sailing! The team just managed to extend its lead until the end.

“We’ve had quite a different set of circumstances, but the team worked really hard. The conditions were more upwind with wind holes, and low pressures but from the wrong direction... but it wasn’t as cold!”

Amanda Yap, who is circumnavigating on Perseverance, added: “It’s been great, better than expected! I’m excited to be here in South Africa! The new crew (on Leg 2) have brought new energy and a new way of doing things, which is great!”

Joss Creswell, the team’s AQP added: “Feeling good! Feeling as if a healthy lead was ripped away from us, which was unsettling. However, we had a very good race, and I am very proud of the team. But I would say, it’s always fun to roll the dice, which we did. I'm very excited to be here in Cape Town.”

Congratulating the team, Perseverance Team Partner Jaap Koole said: “Dream team Perseverance. In the lead from day one and today finished in second position- congratulations for all of you and a big hug from all of us. Must be nerve racking to be in the lead over the whole leg but you did great and it’s clear the team is ready for the challenges in the legs ahead of you.”

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