Perseverance scoops second place on Race 2: Hundred Years Cup

12 October 2023

After an epic battle to the finish line, Perseverance has taken second place on the Race 2: Hundred Years Cup – making it the team’s second podium appearance on the race so far.

Image: Perseverance arrive into Punta del Este

The team, who has given Race 2 winners Yacht Club Punta del Este no easy ride since the fleet departed Puerto Sherry 26 days ago, arrived into port just hours after the winning team to a pontoon lined with supporters.

It was nail biting finish, with just 50nm between the top two teams for most of the 5,300nm race, as well as PSP Logistics being hot on both teams' heels over the closing days.

Speaking on arrival into Punta del Este, Perseverance Skipper Ineke van der Weijden said “I am incredibly happy. It’s been a great race. We had PSP Logistics on our heels so that has kept us on our toes. A great race being so close together, it meant we kept pushing each other along.

Yacht Club Punta del Este were always going to push really hard to come into their hometown, and good for them, I am super happy for them.”

First Mate Joss Creswell said “We fought the whole way, but I don’t think anyone could have competed against Nano’s will to win this one. The team have had so much grit and have carried on going through the tough bits.”

There were plenty of smiling faces from the team as they arrived in Punta del Este, as they showered each other in well-deserved celebratory fizz and proudly received medals to commend them on the achievement of crossing the first major ocean of the race.

Image: Smiling faces arrive into port

Perseverance Race Crew member Peter Wilms said “I’m tired but satisfied. The last few days have been very cold, I had to use my sleeping bag for the first time!

“We had Yacht Club Punta del Este in our sight for a long time, and we tried to catch up but around one and a half days ago they kept the kite up, and we stayed with the Yankee, and we lost some distance.

“After some very difficult upwind sailing we have fallen into second place, and I am very glad we did.”

Image: Proud Race Crew sporting the Atlantic Crossing medal

Mr Koole, Team Partner of Perseverance said on his team placing second “I’m extremely proud to be the supporter of the Perseverance team. They have overcome the first challenges. Passing the equator, as well as the doldrums, for the first time is always exciting and even more while finishing second.

“Such an achievement is only possible through great team effort and spirit. For the crew members who have reached their final destination on this Clipper Race, and who are leaving Perseverance to go home, it can be difficult. Leaving your winning team always is. I hope you will be able to help and motivate new crew members and our survivors with their difficult task ahead.

“Ineke and Joss you are leading a winning team, and if there is anything you need to boost the vibe or make it just that little bit easier let us know.

“Good luck!”

Perseverance took first place in Race 1, however placed second on the leader board after Yacht Club Punta del Este were awarded three extra points in the Scoring Gate. In Race 2, it was Perseverance who passed through the Scoring Gate first, adding three extra points to its scoreboard.

The team must now join the wait for prizegiving on Monday 16 October to see if it has been awarded any extra points for the earlier Ocean Sprint.

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