Race 1 to Finish at 2100 Local time (Brazil) Wednesday 30 September

29 September 2015

The skippers of the seven remaining teams still racing have just been given notice that Race 1 to Rio de Janeiro will finish at 2100 local time (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) tomorrow evening, 30 September (0000 UTC Thursday morning 1 October) to avoid light and variable conditions causing further delay and ensure all teams are ashore by Friday afternoon local time.

Three of the teams are anticipated into Marina da Gloria before this tomorrow, ClipperTelemed+, Visit Seattle and PSP Logistics.

At midnight Thursday morning, 2100 local time Wednesday, positions will be decided by taking the shortest distance to the eastern end of the Rio finish line.

IchorCoal’s redress of 81h 11m will be re-calculated by using the average time taken for the finished yachts to have travelled from Cabo Frio waypoint to the finish.

Race Director Justin Taylor explained: “The forecast is for low fronts to pass up the coast giving the fleet southerly breeze and then light and variable. Therefore, the plan is to ‘shorten’ the course so that the final yachts arrive before the prize-giving on 2 October at 17:00. I anticipate that the boats to be affected are IchorCoal, Mission Performance, Da Nang-Viet Nam and Unicef.

“By doing it this way, it gives the remaining teams the opportunity to race as far as possible and still allow the back markers time to motor-sail to Rio in time for prize-giving at 1700 local time on Friday.”

The teams affected will make best speed to Marina da Gloria by whatever means possible once they have stopped racing.

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