The Clipper Race Office has been monitoring the fleet's progress and weather forecast and potential arrival times into Puerto Sherry. Unfortunately, the fleet has been hampered due to adverse headwinds interspersed with very light wind conditions on its way down the Iberian Penisula from Cape Finisterre in northwestern Spain towards Cape St Vincent on the southwest tip of Portugal.

The arrival window into port was getting increasingly late and the Race Committee has decided to apply a time limit on racing.

Therefore, Race 1 will officially end at 1200 UTC (1300 BST) today (9 September 2023).

Each team has been asked to send its exact positions to the Race Office at 1200 UTC (1300 BST) and the measurement will be taken from its position to the next mark of the course which is Mark No. 13 Virtual Mark Rivers in position 37°00.000N, 011°00.000W

Any measurements will be calculated by the Race Director using TimeZero software for consistency.

Race 1 finishing positions will be awarded based on this information.

This makes the Ocean Sprint section of Race 1 null and void.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Any teams that have a 6-hour time penalty pending will have their Race Finish distances calculated on their 0600 UTC (0700 BST) position.

After 1200 UTC (1300 BST) teams will all officially have ceased racing and can make the best speed to Puerto Sherry by any means. However, teams must still abide by the rules of the racing marks as laid out in the Course Instructions.

Updated ETAs can be seen here.

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