Stop go, stop go.

That's been the theme of this race to Cape Town so far, but could that be about to change?

On day five of Race 3: TIMEZERO South Atlantic Showdown, the current leaders Perseverance have only managed to put 500 miles between themselves and Yacht Club Punta del Este.

Image: Race View action on Day 5

But that looks set to change as the fleet tries to hang on to the stubborn low pressure moving east across the Atlantic. At 1100 UTC today there was just over a hundred miles of separation between the front and rear of the fleet, with Skipper Ineke of Perseverance and homebound South African Skipper Ryan Gibson on Dare To Lead locking horns at the front.

Image: Facing the elements on board Qingdao

The complicated weather systems at the start of Race 3 have forced the whole fleet north of the rhumb line, making it difficult for the boats to hook into the characteristic downwind surfing conditions of the east bound low pressure systems south of forty degrees. What this has done however, is brought the Scoring Gate into play. This was purposely positioned north of the rhumb line as a risk versus reward option to tempt teams north.

Right now, it's anyone's race to win as the boats at the rear of the fleet currently have the biggest breeze and best wind angle. Don't look away, this is going to get good.

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