The Ocean Sprint results for Race 3: The TIMEZERO South Atlantic Showdown were revealed at the prizegiving in Cape Town on Saturday night.

For Race 3, the Ocean Sprint was between 005°W and 002°E and the distance on the rhumb line across was approx. 330nm but this distance reduced the further south you go.

As with all Ocean Sprints, the teams had varying conditions on arrival and during the sprint, and this was very much depended on how far north or south the teams had positioned themselves when crossing the sprint start and end points.

The bonus points are awarded, as follows:

1st Perseverance 3 points

2nd Dare To Lead     2 points

3rd Zhuhai 1 point

Congratulations to Ineke and Joss, Ryan and Charlie, and James and Mike, and their respective teams. Very Well Done!

Full results below:

30:41:40          Perseverance

31:49:00          Dare To Lead

32:31:00          Zhuhai

32:56:25          Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

33:35:49          Yacht Club Punta del Este

33:41:34          Washington, DC

33:45:32          Bekezela

34:09:44          UNICEF

34:19:33          PSP Logistics

35:06:33          Qingdao

37:40:13          Our Isles and Oceans