Race 4 Day 21: The Race to Fremantle continues

08 December 2019

The Clipper Race has seen its first three arrivals into Fremantle but eight teams continue to navigate their way through their localised battles to the finish line. Each in a bid to outwit the weather, gain the maximum points available and to enjoy the shoreside hospitality and activity that awaits them when they arrive.

GoToBermuda, currently in fourth place, Skipper David (Wavy) Immelman observed: “We have 180nm left. So with any luck we will be over the finish and tied up by this time tomorrow. However, and this is a big however, we are not out of the woods yet, as there is a very light patch of wind riding in behind us and if it does catch us, then we might well be out here a lot longer.”

A strong helm steers Punta del Este

Close rivals WTC Logistics is in a similar frame of mind, with its Skipper, Mark Burkes saying: “I hesitate to begin this blog with "I'm writing this blog in the hope that it'll be my last this race..." as it seems too much like tempting fate. That said, with 193 miles to the finish and wind forecast to increase I am hopeful that we'll be in Fremantle enjoying Western Australia's warm hospitality and a cold schooner or two sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!”

The dedication and commitment displayed by all 11 teams has been outstanding, as each continues to strengthen, develop and build upon their learned skills despite the challenging conditions. Unicef Skipper Ian Wiggan explains: “This environment is tough on all of our equipment and our bodies. Daily, we are faced with problems and situations that we have never encountered before, and then with our resourcefulness and limited equipment we have to quickly come up with the best solutions. This race is just a REALLY big team building exercise. Similarities can be drawn between our lives and TV shows such as The Apprentice, although I think they have it much easier.”

Smiles and sunshine aboard Zhuhai

The support and camaraderie between all teams competing is testament to the close bonds formed by all those taking part. Respects were paid to the victors in the Marlow Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride and now all eyes extend to those still sailing. Seattle First Mate (AQP) Lyndsay Barnes, showed her determination to maintain their current advantage over Dare To Lead saying: “Time to get the Code 2 back up and ensure we retain seventh place and keep the few leading miles we currently have on Dare To Lead!

The Clipper Race sails on! Discover more about the incredible crew experiences via the team pages and crew diaries, each paints a compelling story to life on-board for all those who compete in this extraordinary adventure.

Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest updates via the Race Viewer, each arrival into Fremantle is a victory and an enormous achievement for all taking part.

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