The Clipper Race Committee has confirmed that no penalty points will be given to any team for Race 6: The Wondrous Whitsundays Race following an assessment of damages and repairs needed during the Whitsundays stopover.

Penalty points are awarded because of damage sustained during racing and are designed to encourage crew to look after and maintain their yachts throughout the race.

Race Director Mark Light said: “The last stage of the All-Australian Leg was a tough one but the amount of damage received was incredibly low. The fact that no penalty points have been awarded to any team is a testament to how well the boats are being looked after by the Skippers and crew.”

A full explanation of penalty points can be found in our Sailing Instructions and FAQ section (under ‘The Race’, subsection ‘When and why are Penalty Points applied?’).

Penalty points do not affect individual races but can impact the overall standings table when applied.

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