Race 6: Time Penalty for PSP Logistics

14 January 2024

PSP Logistics will receive a 2-hour time penalty for the Race Start infringement in Newcastle on 10 January 2024. CV29 PSP Logistics was On Course Side (OCS) from the 1-minute warning signal and remained so until the Race Start at 1500 LT. As there are no mitigating circumstances to this misjudgement, the Clipper Race Committee has no option but to apply the 2-hour time penalty as per the Section - INFRINGEMENTS as clearly defined in the Course Instructions (see below):


  • Amendment to SI 5e OCS – Delete and insert ‘If a yacht is deemed to be on the course side of the starting line (OCS) less than 30 seconds before the start signal it will be given an instant two-hour time penalty without hearing.
  • There is no way to exonerate by re-crossing the line, if penalised as per above.
  • The 2-hour time penalty will be added to the elapsed time of PSP Logistics for Race 6 and the team's finishing position and points will be worked out accordingly.

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