Race 7: The Lakewood Hills, Zhuhai Race Results

04 March 2020

Following an exciting and tactical ten days, the results of The Lakewood Hills, Zhuhai Race have been announced. It’s another first place for Qingdao (its fourth so far), congratulations to the team representing China’s sailing city! Following in a close second was Unicef which match raced Qingdao for the majority of Race 7, keeping the pressure on until the final hours. Taking third place is Imagine your Korea, which is back on winning form, with its third podium in four races.

Full Race 7 results:

1 Qingdao 19:05:37 UTC

2 Unicef 19:44:26 UTC

3 Imagine your Korea 00:04:38 UTC

4 Punta del Este 00:18:00 UTC

5 Visit Sanya, China 01:08:58 UTC

6 Zhuhai 01:57:52 UTC

7 Dare To Lead 04:00:00 UTC 55.63000nm from Virtual Mark Miller

8 GoToBermuda 04:00:00 UTC 133.8054nm from Virtual Mark Miller

9 Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam 04:00:00 UTC 133.8594nm from Virtual Mark Miller

10 Seattle 04:00:00 UTC 150.7000nm from Virtual Mark Miller

11 WTC Logistics 04:00:00 UTC 153.0000nm from Virtual Mark Miller

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