Race Office insight on Race 2 Day 26

10 October 2023

As the fleet makes its final run towards Punta Del Este, the excitement continues and the racing becomes even more riveting! The Yacht Club Punta del Este team is pushing hard for a hometown win and over the last 24 hours the coast of South America has served up some challenges with a frontal system passing overhead bringing squally, unpredictable and light conditions. This front has passed South to North across the fleet making each team suffer slightly as they have struggled to maintain boat speed and course.

Image: Yacht Club Punta del Este team during Race 2: Hundred Years Cup

With the passing of this tricky system the Northerly wind has fortunately returned with boats back up to pace. It’s a little bit of the rich getting richer as the good northerlies are now favouring the front of the fleet with the back boats still suffering slightly.

Image: Race Viewer showing the upcoming weather front +19 hours from now.

To make things even more exciting the weather is set to dish up one more, much harsher Pampero before the fleet makes an arrival. This will be another very unstable and squally transition into strong headwinds and no doubt something the fleet will be really wishing they could do without! The front three yachts will be grinding their teeth to try and make it as far south as possible before this hits and hopefully, just hopefully be able to sail a course to clear the corner at Punta Del Este and make a fast reach in. This is, however, unlikely and so the final battle for victory will be won by the team that can readjust and change gears for a final time in tough conditions and keep the course and speed as high as possible to take the finish line first. Nail biting stuff!

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