The Scoring Gate results for Race 10: The Ultimate Test of Perseverance are in.

Situated approximately one-third of the way across the vast North Pacific Ocean, the Scoring Gate was positioned about 90 nautical miles due south of the Rhumb Line track, at coordinates 41° north and 165° east. Spanning approximately 60 nautical miles from north to south, this gate posed a strategic challenge and enticed the fleet with the opportunity to gain bonus points.

Never before in the history of the Clipper Race has there been such a significant time differential between the top teams crossing the gate. A staggering gap of nearly 48 hours separated the first and third teams.

Clinching the top three points, the first team through the Scoring Gate was Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam at 03:32:54 UTC on April 8, 2024. Following closely behind was Zhuhai, crossing the gate approximately 35 hours later at 14:28:52 UTC on April 9 and bagging two points.

The fight for the final point at the gate was a nail-biting affair, with Dare To Lead and PSP Logistics engaging in a neck-and-neck battle within sight of each other for the last 24 hours. In the early hours of April 10, Dare To Lead pipped its competition and crossed the gate at 03:14:58 UTC, nearly 13 hours after Zhuhai.

Despite securing second and third positions through the Scoring Gate, Zhuhai and Dare To Lead find themselves in the fifth and eight positions, respectively, on the Race 10 leaderboard. The disparity adds a layer of intrigue to the overall race dynamics and there’s still all to play for in this race across the North Pacific.

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