Sir Robin Knox-Johnston closes gap on Jean-Paul Froc

08 November 2014

Clipper Race chairman and founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has entered the Trades and is beating on day 6 of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe race. He has closed the gap on sixth-placed Jean-Paul Froc on Groupe Berto overnight, and extended his lead over eighth-placed Ari Huusela on Neste Oil.

Clipper Race meteorologist and Sir Robin's router Simon Rowell said: "The wind should continue to improve today with the breeze filling in to the high teens, hopefully just over 20 knots, from the North/North East or North East. This should persist as he goes through the Madeira-Azores line."

Here is Sir Robin's update from on board Grey Power on Saturday morning:

A long night spent huddled in the cockpit adjusting the course as the wind was light and variable.Wisps of Cirrus cloud, in a north/south line, showed clearly in the moonlight and are an indication of what to expect shortly. The sooner the better I am sure everyone close to my position would say as the wind is currently from the North-West and we are bashing again.

.We are close hauled and those conditions do not suit my boat.The boat is fine but needs a wind veer to get back to overtaking those in front. Probably got four hours sleep last night because I was up most of it because the wind was fickle, which means constant adjustments, and without the wind instrument I have to do it.


You can track Sir Robin and Grey Power here on the official race tracker.

It will update every hour.

The Clipper Race will continue to post his blogs here as well.

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