Arriving early this morning into a bluebird Bell Harbor Marina was the Race 10: Ultimate Test of Perseverance winners, Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam.

Image: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam arrives at Bell Harbor Marina

After 26 days at sea, Race Crew were thrilled and relieved see the Seattle skyline ahead as they motored into Elliott Bay, with loved ones lining the marina walls, homemade flags waving with pride and local craft beers on ice.

Image: Fans line the marina walls to welcome Race Crew

One of the many proud faces on board was Scottish circumnavigator Vicki Leslie. Reflecting on the huge achievement of crossing the North Pacific, she said: "The biggest highlight was turning forty during the race, and on our fastest race day! We did something like 345 miles in 24 hours!

"This was the big one. If I had only done one leg, it would have been this one. It was really daunting because it is so iconic and one that everyone wants to win, and we are really lucky we did win! We led the whole way since the Le Mans start. It was amazing, but stressful because they are always chasing, and you are always making sure you get the decisions right."

Image: All smiles on board Ha Long Bay Viet Nam

Race Skipper Bob Beggs, who has now completed two races with the team, said: “Well, the Pacific never lets you down, it always throws challenges your way. The great thing about this race was the team. This crew work so well together, they smile. Whenever you want to get anything done, middle of the night and you want to do an evolution? They’re up on deck and they get to the task. They just get on with it.

“It was a race of great fun, but you feel the tension even with a 50-mile lead. We knew we’d got a good lead, but it just takes one wind hole and the whole thing changes. Qingdao has kept us on our toes the past two days.”

Image: Proud skipper Bob Beggs

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam played its Joker on this race, meaning the team will double its first place points and stack up a whopping 22 for the race position alone, plus three bonus points for crossing the Scoring Gate in first. Bob added: “The reason we played our Joker on this race because when I joined the team two races ago the crew had expectations that this is when they would play the joker. So, we went with it.”

Oregonian Tyson Stellrecht, who steps off his team yacht here in Seattle, is arriving back home after joining the team in Cape Town five months ago. He said: “Of all the legs I have done since Cape Town, this one has been my favourite. I definitely smiled the most! But I’m really happy to be here. I could smell the mountains before I could see them almost.”

Image: Race Crew Tyson arrives home to the United States

About the crossing the North Pacific he added: “We witnessed a couple of storms that were just amazing, got to see really big waves that threw us around like we were toys, and the helming was just phenomenal. We just had days of pristine, perfect sailing conditions with very few wind holes. Across every high-pressure ridge we seemed to just be able to keep in the wind and leave the rest of the fleet behind.”

Team Partner Quang Ninh Tourism Department said of the team’s fourth victory: “What an exceptional effort by Skipper Bob Beggs, AQP Cameron McCracken and intrepid crew of team Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam. Becoming a winner of one of the toughest races on the circumnavigation is a deserved award that makes us absolutely proud and admire the great winning. From the bottom of our heart, we are always by your side. Keep your health and enjoy a warm welcome from the city, friends, and family in Seattle!”

Image: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam and Host Port Partner Seattle Sports Commission

The team will now enjoy all that Seattle has to offer as they rest, relax and recuperate ahead of the next race. With the rest of the results still at play, keep up with all the action on the Race Viewer and across our social media channels for all the arrivals updates.

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