​The Scoring Gate results - Race 11: #SailConnected with SENA.

08 May 2024

The Scoring Gate results are in for Race 11: #SailConnected with SENA.

For this race from Seattle to Panama, the Scoring Gate was positioned about 600nm into the course, approx. 130nm due west of the Rhumb Line track, situated at 38° North and 128° West.

The first team to pass through the Scoring Gate was Zhuhai who blasted across at 19:44:20 UTC on 7 May and picked up the top three points up for grabs.

An incredible battle ensued between the next two yachts to cross through the gate, with only a 34-second margin separating the two teams.

Our Isles and Oceans crossed approximately 26 minutes after Zhuhai with a time of 20:10:09 UTC, and then 34 seconds later, Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam completed the bonus points scoring, crossing at 20:10:43 UTC on 7 May.

The full results are:

Zhuhai 3 points

Our Isles and Oceans 2 points

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam 1 point

Skipper of Our Isles and Oceans, Max Rivers said in his Skipper Report, “Scoring Gate complete. A massive win for the whole boat to have made it through the Scoring Gate in second place. We worked hard to put ourselves in contention for the gate, as with the uncertainty at the end of this race so high, we tried to ensure we were pushing to get points that we could be certain of."

First Mate Cameron McCracken on Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam shared: "The relentless sprint for swift progress continues for the fleet at the start of Race 11 with all eleven boats vying to get as far down the track as possible before the inevitable light airs slow our way. On Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam we’ve managed to pick up a point from the Scoring Gate. We spent the best part of two days chasing down Our Isles and Oceans and there were roughly 30 seconds between the two of us, and only 5nm ahead of them was Zhuhai, who managed to scoop the full three points by going on a nice little move towards the stronger breeze before cutting back out on a nice angle. Although slightly disappointed with only notching up the one point, it’s still a point and congratulations on the great racing was shared briefly over VHF between the three boats before we resumed the great charge to Panama."

Congratulations to James and Mike, Max and Tom, and Bob and Cam, and their respective teams, for collecting the Scoring Gate points!

With just two legs remaining in the Clipper 2023-24 Race, the chase is underway for the final standings. Perseverance currently holds the lead on the leaderboard with 98 points, closely trailed by Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam with 93 points, and joint third placing for Zhuhai and Dare To Lead with 87 points,

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