The Scoring Gate results are in for Race 12: Come Sea DC Cup

11 June 2024

For Race 12: Come Sea DC Cup, a short and punchy race from Panama to Washington, DC, the Scoring Gate was positioned about half-way into the 1,500nm course, approx. 40nm due east of the Rhumb Line track and situated just above the Tropic of Cancer at 24° North and 072° West.

At approx. 28nm wide, as usual the Scoring Gate gave the opportunity for teams to gain extra bonus points.

Image: Race Viewer at 1200 UTC today 11 June 2024

For this race, only two teams Zhuhai and Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam saw enough interest in the bonus points to give it a go and prevent it from being a non-event.

Race Director Mark Light said: “You never know quite how it is going to play out when positioning the Scoring Gate, but a tremendous battle ensued between the two teams who opted to go for it.”

It was Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam that came out on top, crossing the line first at 07:10:19 UTC this morning, 11 June 2024, and therefore gaining the three bonus points on offer. Zhuhai marginally missed out on the maximum bonus points as the team crossed the line in second place just41 seconds later securing two bonus points.

No other teams decided to go for the Scoring Gate, and so one solitary point lies un-claimed for this race.

With Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam currently in ninth place on the Race 12 standings, the extra bonus points will be a welcome boost in helping the team maintain its top place on the overall leader board, but will it be enough?

You can follow all the action of Race 12: Come Sea DC Cup on the Race Viewer