The Scoring Gate results for Race 13: Oban Atlantic Homecoming are in… 

06 July 2024

For this race from Washington, DC to Oban, the Scoring Gate was positioned roughly half-way on the North Atlantic crossing, approx. 80nm due southeast of the rhumb line (great circle) track and situated at 46° North and 035° West. The Scoring Gate was approx. 30nm wide from north to south and, as usual, gave the opportunity for teams to gain some much sought after bonus points.

Image: The race is ON!

There was a good race to the Scoring Gate with several teams heading for it, whilst others decided to bypass it to the north.

In the end it was Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam that came out on top as the team managed to cross first at 14:02:50 UTC yesterday (5 July) and therefore gaining the maximum three bonus points. UNICEF crossed in second place almost 1 hour and 5 minutes later and will secure two bonus points. And finally, it was Perseverance that swept across the Scoring Gate at 16:56:30 UTC to pick up the last remaining bonus point.

Congratulations to Bob and Cam, Dan and Laura, Ineke and Joss and their respective teams for collecting the Scoring Gate bonus points!

The official Scoring Gate points for Race 13: Oban Atlantic Homecoming are as follows:

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam: 3 points
UNICEF: 2 points
Perseverance: 1 point

As the competition for the overall leaderboard hotspots heats up, these will be much coveted bonus points for the teams that took the risk to get them. You’re not going to want to miss this one. Keep up with the latest on the Race Viewer.

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